You wont believe who I saw

Last week was just a regular week for me. To be honest I can hardly even remember it. Work was blah, my commute to work was even more blah; all in all it wasn’t all that in a bag of chips. However my weekend was fantastic! Friday I had a day off of work and I literally sat and watched all three( well actually I only watched two, but my intent was to watch all three) of my favorite Disney movie….Drum roll please!

img alt="Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3,"


I kid you not I sat and watched toy story and blogged( did you catch the pun…kid..toy story..get it? HA!). It was quite relaxing. Direct TV was also having a free preview of all premium channels this week and since I’m a huge movie buff I recorded everything I possibly could.

img alt="Kevin Hart, Think like a man, Think like a man Too" Also went to go see Think like a man too. HILARIOUS! and too top it all of I actually end up seeing Kevin Hart at my local grocery store RIGHT after the movie. Crazy right! Now some of you may not even be a Kevin Hart fan but you do have to admit that seeing a movie with a certain actor and then seeing the  EXACT actor at your grocery store right AFTER is kinda AHmmmmazing!! #PerksoflivinginLA.

I probably wouldn’t repeat the whole week but moments like that almost make it worth while.



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