June Favorites: 7 things Im Currently Obsessed With

Can you believe June is here! I feel like it was only days ago that I was writing my May Favorites list! June hasn’t really been an eventful month for me; mainly I’ve been counting down the days until July gets here because I’m going to Hawaii! Whoop Whoop! but details on that later; lets talk about June shall we?img alt="red velvet, sprinkles cupcakes, cupcakes"1. Sprinkles Cupcakes: I’m a die-hard cupcake lover; I will choose a cupcake over cake, cookies, or any other desert imaginable( besides chocolate strawberries; white chocolate to be exact). I’ve never really like red velvet but there’s is just irresistible. I’ve literally been at least once a week for the past month and the only reason why it’s not more is because it’s fairly far away. 

img alt="type a, kate spade case, iphone 5s case, iphone case"

2. Kate Spade: I got a new Iphone Case. Now when I first read it I thought It said ” HYPE” but then when I took a double look and realized it said “TYPE A” I was all in! I definitely am a Type A personality kinda girl and this case is perfect for me. My phone sits in it just right and the case is thick as well.

img alt="grilled artichokes, artichoke"

3. Grilled Artichokes: I know…wierdddd thing to be obsessed with. But lately I have been craving them. I have even been on yfrelp trying to find places that have grilled artichokes. I managed to find a local vegan restaraunt name Lyfe Kitchen. Its delicious!



img alt="free people"

4. Free People: I’m pretty much obsessed with their website everyday; but their stuff lately has just been making me drool. There isn’t a single thing I don’t want yet all of it is stuff my pocket just can’t afford. Womp Womp. Doesnt stop me from dreaming though!

img alt="tiffany's bracelet, charm bracelet, tiffanys jewerly,"

5. Tiffany’s: Right around June/July I start giving my boyfriend a list of things I want for my birthday in September. Normally I have a variety of things but this year I wanted to focus on Jewelry. I’ve been noticing that I’m transitioning from a lot of costume jewelry to more classic everyday pieces. He bought me a Tiffany’s charm bracelet for our one year anniversary( which was 3 years ago), so I thought it would be cute to get a meaningful charm added to it. Most of these I would buy myself but of course it would be better coming from him.

6. Organizational Tips: I love organization! Without it my life seems so chaotic. When I read these tips I was absolutely ecstatic. Especially since I don’t like your typical makeup bags or jewelry boxes. I will definitely be trying some of these soon! Click here!

7. Evernote Web: Since I havent gotten that lovely kate spade journal yet I have been using evernote. Its amazing! My favorite part is that I can log in at work; make a note and it saves it so I can access it anywhere. I tried doing this with google docs but it was too glitchy and slow. Evernote is perfect!

Welp that’s it for the month of June! What are some of your favorites!





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