How to deal with Negative Nancy’s on your Blog


opinionsWhen I started blogging (and even now) I always use to skim over the blog posts about negative comments. I had never received them nor participated in making negative comments to people; so for me it was a topic not worth my while. Now however my blog is growing (yay!) and with that come some people who always aren’t so happy for ya! Here is how I’ve dealt with what I like to call Negative Nancy’s

Don’t take it personally: Now I know that may seem like a weird thing to say because for most of us our blogs are our babies; but keep in mind that these fellow bloggers don’t know you. All they see is a glimpse of your life and even if you blog everyday they only know what you tell them. When I got my first negative response I wanted to cry. I called my friend and she literally said” she doesn’t even know you!” It reminded me that you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and just because I try to abide by that rule…doesn’t mean everyone else will.

Turn the other cheek: Try not to lash out at them. I usually will politely respond back to someone or if need be have a private conversation depending on the outlet; for example If I’m on twitter I will direct message them. I try to keep the conversation as private as possible so that I don’t add fuel to the fire. If it’s a healthy debate then that’s totally fine, but if someone is just personally attacking you or your work then it’s best to pull them aside (via internet)

Make yourself clear: A lot of people think that because blogging is so popular and full time jobs for some that everyone spends hours on their blog. Commenters get upset when you don’t respond, or if you don’t follow back etc. The fact of the matter is, although in a perfect world our blog would pay our bills for most of doesn’t. I try my best to keep up with everything but sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. If you feel like your readers are constantly misunderstanding you and your blog goals then I would set aside a day to bring them in the loop. Let them know that your blog is just for fun, or you do it part time. There are some blogs that even leave a little pop up message for when you comment that says some sort of disclaimer: Due to the mass amounts of comments on this blog I won’t always be able to respond back”. Well that was a terrible disclaimer but you get the point!

I’m sure there are plenty of other tips out there. I know IFB has a lot of them, but I only wanted to speak on the things that I personally experienced. I hope this helps!





  1. Munachi · July 1, 2014

    Dealing with negative, hurtful comments is so hard. I haven’t had any on my blog, but when I wrote about a highly controversially topic and posted a snippet of it on Instagram. I was so nervous to hear what people had to say and the comments and opinions I got weren’t worth the views AT ALL. Not only were they attacking me they were attacking each other. Not taking it personally is my biggest struggle but I’ve gotten better as my blog has grown and I stay away from the headline news hot button issues. I’ll be keeping these tips in mind from now on



  2. Alyssa · July 2, 2014

    Awesome post! I don’t often get negative comments on my blog but when I do I just let it posted and respect their opinions. Since all of us are entitled to our own opinions but if the comment are so negative, like insulting, racism or anything worse, I delete it. And most of those are from anonymous people who are too coward to show their faces after what they typed.

    Check out the new


  3. Carolyn · July 2, 2014

    some good practical tips there 🙂


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