July 4th: Thats all she wrote

img alt="sprinkles cupcakes, 4th of july"Most people are spending their Fourth of July at a BBQ, Beach, or drunk on the street somewhere screaming God bless America. I however decided to take a personal day. I woke up this morning and drove 20 minutes to the nearest Sprinkles cupcakes so that I could get my daily fix of red velvet cupcakes. I got three; one for each day of the weekend. Yes, I’m addicted. Normally the freeway is packed with cars and the plaza is filled with people but today; since everyone is eating hotdogs at the beach, the plaza was completely empty and I had the whole freeway to myself. I dropped my little rascal Kennedy back at the house and grabbed my laptop to get some blogging done. Currently sitting in Starbucks writing this as we speak. I figured I would get more work done If I wasn’t sitting in front of the TV. I’m drinking a Black Lemonade Ice tea thingy and listening to some Shakira. Her Latin beats make me feel like I’m on vacation.

Welp back to writing some more content! Gotta get prepared for next week. Enjoy the Holiday! Happy Independence day!




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