What She Likes: 7 Things

One of my biggest outlets of inspiration are of course other blogs! This is a new series Im trying out for the month of July where I feature other blogs and things that She A.K.A me like! For more details on the series check it out here!

  1. 13 small space hacks: Anybody that knows me knows that I love all things related to organization! And having once lived in a really small area I think some of these dual room options are great!
  2. Popsugar Must Have Box: When I first started blogging one of the things I wanted to do was review products; But I usually couldn’t afford to get much. That’s when these little must have boxes come in handy, offering some samples of the hottest things for the season! Allure mag also has one and so does this company called Birchbox.
  3. DIY sunglasses: These sunglasses are super cute! I’m never good at DIY so Im always amazed at some of the things people can come up with!
  4. Drink water and less soda: Definitely something I need to do more. These water photos will make you never want to pick up soda again!
  5. Maya Angelou quote: I am one of many who had the honor and privilege to meet such a phenomenal woman like Maya Angelou. She came to my school to speak and the room was packed! Standing room only. I clung on to her every word; completely engrossed in the moment. As a fellow poet her words truly spoke to me.
  6. Love her header and Blog design: One of the first things I look for is creative design. I like a site that is clean and easy to read.
  7. OH Hey Blog: Now there really isn’t a particular post that I like on this blog but I love how much personality there is. I read her about me section and instantly fell in love. Even her little blurp on bloglovin is super cute!

If you have a blog that you would like featured in this series then click here!

Which link is your favorite!?




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