Looks I Love

Week one of my new Looks I Love series! If you would like your Outfit of the Day to be featured click here!

Enjoy!happily grey

That jacket literally had me say OH MY GOSH! This outfit is amazing!!! I love the structure and volume on top and then the beautifull flow of the lavender skirt. Stunning!! houndstooth

I pretty much love everything she does. And I mean that in the most literal sense. Who wouldn’t love a romper like this,  anddddd its Houndstooth!!! My favorite!Kendi Everyday

Noticed I highlighted the Kate Spade Bag. Not usually a fan of pink but Kate spade has a way of making do things I normally wouldnt.

sincerly julesI find it really refreshing to see some darker and warmer colors in summer. Most people are posting pictures of pastels and colorful prints but I always love deep burgundy! And the handbag in this outfit is beautifull!

Which look is your favorite?





  1. I love that bright pink bag!

    xo Kim
    Le Paper Doll


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