How To Make an OOTD Post Without a Camera

I have this thinggg where I’m weird about asking people to take my photo. I know “selfie” was like the most used word this year but there is something just weird about snapping a whole bunch of photos by myself; or even worse trying to pose and take some awesome blogger photo for my OOTD. When I see other bloggers do it; it looks like perfection but I just can’t seem to get it right. So I’ve managed to conjure up a few tricks to still make selfless photos work.

Kate Spade OOTD

1. Polyvore: Literally the greatest thing since sliced bread. I’m not the best at making sets but I do like playing around with the templates and being creative. I mainly use it for showing the things I like about an outfit or how I would make my own spin on it. This set is my OOTD from my Kate Spade Post!


2. Pinterest: I use a lot of photos from Pinterest to show how I would wear an outfit. The photos form my ” Ways to style a graphic tee” and “How to wear overalls” all came from Pinterest! It’s a great tool for inspiration!

img alt="iphone lenses"  Iphone: Now I know the post is called how to make an OOTD post without a camera but humor me for a second. When I first started blogging I thought that I needed this fancy DSLR; you know the camera that has lots of lenses that are cool to play with but hardly anyone knows how to use them? Well that’s what I wanted and I was highly disappointed when I discovered that my budget could only afford a regular point and shoot. Had I known about these Iphone lenses however, I would never have bought the camera in the first place. It’s like having a mini DSLR in your pocket. Ideally it’s meant to be used in smaller spaces; which works perfect for me in my apartment.

img alt="jessica alba, rag n bone, balmain, kim kardashian"

4. Celebrity Crush: Love those stunning Balmain outfits Kim Kardashian wears, or those $300 Rag n Bone boyfriend jeans worn by Jessica Alba; You find yourself reluctantly double tapping the picture on Instagram wishing you had the money to buy the outfit? Well instead use them as your inspiration. You can use Pinterest (Instagram, Tumblr, whichever you fancy) to find the photo and then use Polvore to help recreate the look. Or better yet style a more affordable option.

This may sound like the least personal approach but it in fact tells your readers a lot about you. Your celebrity crush posts not only say whose style you admire; but that you understand high fashion and also how to make it work for your budget. Celebrity names are also good for SEO. Hence why the Met Gala or the Golden Globes posts are so popular. Everyone is talking about who wore what which means good traffic coming your way if written and promoted properly.

Obviously a photo of yourself is what makes your blog most personal; but having a photographer or even a descent camera is sometimes out of the question for beginning bloggers. At the end of the day you just got to work with what you got!





  1. Alyssa Martinez · July 8, 2014

    These are really great tips! I’m sharing this.


    • aprettythought · July 8, 2014

      Awww thanks!! you definitely should! Thanks for reading! Feel free to share this on your own blog.


  2. Selbe · July 9, 2014

    What are those lenses that you can use for your iPhone? I’ve been looking for a new camera but they are far too expensive for me right now.

    Again great job!



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