Blogging Tips for the Working Girl

 Between blogging, my actual 9-5, my 2 hour commute and my boyfriend, the days always seem endless. Come Friday I’m ready to just keel over and fall asleep. No phone, no TV, just me and my bed. But we all know the key to being a successful blogger is consistency, so as much as my bed calls my name…I must resist.

In a perfect world I would totally practice the 80/20 rule, be the master of social media, and blogging would be my full time job, but since that isn’t quiteee the case, I’ve had to learn how to balance my actual money maker and my site.


Scheduling: The scheduler is literally a life saver for me. I flat out don’t have time during the week to write content let alone promote it. It’s too strenuous so instead I blog every Sunday. You’ve probably noticed I don’t post on Sundays (I call it Silent Sunday); because I’m busy blogging for the coming week. As far as social media I use Hootsuite to schedule my tweets, and Latergramme to schedule Instagram posts. At the end of each day I reply to my commenters etc. I chose two primary forms of social media so that it wasnt overwhelming to me. If you can manage several sites like it aint no thanggg, then go for it!

vogue-collage Magazine subscriptions: Many of us get inspiration from social media online; But what about a good ole magazine. They are great because they are easy enough for you to pop in your purse, read on a lunch break or when work is slow. Staying inspired is key to creating great blog posts and often times my best ideas come from magazines.


Interaction: Often time’s people think blogging everyday literally means writing posts every day. But as well all know there are a lot of things that go into blogging besides content. Maybe your brain is exhausted from a long day and you can’t seem to write a full post. Take that time to engage with other blogs or interact with your current followers. Try to make sure you’re still getting a daily dose of something blogging related.

photo-43Journal: Nowadays everyone uses their phone/computers etc. to take notes but I like the old fashion way of writing everything down. It’s also more appropriate for work. If you’re on your phone it looks unprofessional, but if you’re writing something in an agenda or a notebook then no big deal. I take my blogging journal with me everywhere and when I come up with an idea I write it down. All my posts and raw thoughts are in my journal and it’s easier for me to edit them that way!

The overall key is finding ways to incorporate your blog into your hectic schedule. instead of waiting until you get home to do things, find work appropriate ways to stay active.  A lot can get done in a work day if you use your time effectively!






  1. Brittany · May 20, 2014

    Great tips! I utilize a good portion of these as I’m a “working blogger” as well. Magazines are always great for inspiration! Thanks!


    • aprettythought · May 20, 2014

      Thanks! I love magazines! And they are so easy and quick to get your hands on.
      Thanks for reading!


  2. Ebony Jay · May 20, 2014

    These are great tips! (:


  3. Selbe · July 9, 2014

    This was actually really helpful! Good job!


  4. Munachi · July 10, 2014

    This tips are great. I use them all. By far the most helpful thing is scheduled posts and keeping a journal. I have 3 different notebooks I use for keeping everything organized and they’re life savers. Blogging consistently is a tricky game so utilizing all these tools is essential. Well I haven’t scheduled social media posts yet so we’ll see about that 😉



  5. BelleMarie · August 2, 2014

    Excellent tips! I use these methods too! I just recently had to purchase a notebook because I couldn’t keep track of all the digital notes I was taking. Sometimes good ol pen and paper just can’t be beat!


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