Pretty Thrifty: Lip Scrub

This Pretty Thrifty segment is all about lip scrub! For those of you just tuning in this segment is all about experimenting with certain beauty products, comparing one high end item vs the drugstore version of the same item. See my previous Pretty Thrifty segment here!

My favorite kind of lipstick is matte; which as we all know is really drying on the lips. So I’ve been using lip scrub/exfoliate to help get rid of all the dead skin so that my lipstick applies nice and smooth with minimal pilling.

fresh sugar lip

Fresh Lip Scrub: ( $22 )I actually tried a sample from Sephora. Which I used for a week. Really loved it and a little goes a long way. I recommend using a toothbrush or an exfoliating brush (they sell them at Sephora) because it doesn’t really work when trying to apply it with just your fingers or rubbing your lips together. After I applied the scrub I took a warm towel and wiped off the dead skin. Now if you are using a toothbrush, it will probably remove most of it for you. It is brown sugar so its eatable- don’t freak out if you get some in your mouth! I then used my Eos lip balm to moisturize before applying my lipstick.

Note: If you want a smooth application of your matte lipstick apply a thick layer of lip balm so that the lipstick just glides on. However I noticed that this makes your lips more prone to pilling. What I do is apply a thin layer-one swipe of lip balm- and then apply the matte lipstick. It’s going to feel drier and may not be as smooth when applying but it will give your lipstick more lasting power.


Elf Lip exfoliate: ( $5 ) This actually is to be applied like a lipstick. I like this one because it’s both moisturizing and exfoliating at the same time. The beads are mixed in with the moisturizer so it starts off applying as rough and then as you keep wiping it turns into a lip balm. I wouldn’t recommend this for people who are advent lipstick wearers, especially those who love matte lipsticks. It is less of a scrub and more of dual purpose exfoliate so you get less rub but you do get the added moisture.

My preference: Fresh Lip Scrub was my favorite because it removed more dry skin. It was better for actually exfoliating which is what I needed it for. It is messier but a lot goes a long way so I think the price is worth it. If you don’t wear lipstick often, or don’t want to exfoliate often then I would suggest the Elf brand. It’s more convenient for the occasional lipstick wearer.


One comment

  1. Gabriela · July 22, 2014

    I’ve never tried a lip scrub, but the idea of an exfoliating lipstick is really intriguing!


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