What She Likes: 5 Things

Some links I loved this week, plus I will be adding  quotes to this series also!

  1. Dethroning Vogue Magazine:  I thought this was interesting. I never have been a fan of vogue. I think it’s a magazine filled with paid advertisements and personally I can never relate to it. But this post caught my attention.
  2. Blogging Tips: Some great reads on how to start monetizing your blog!
  3. Because Im Addicted:  I love interior design. I can spend hours looking at apartment decorations on pinterest. With this particular house I like the color palate. The coloring and the design of the whole apartment very mature unisex( meaning not overly girlie), which is perfect for me and my boyfriend!
  4. Finding your personal style: I have a BS in Apparel Merchandising so most of these tips I learned in college. But I thought it would be nice to share with you all!
  5. Wall décor: I’ve been trying to put together my inspirational wall, and I have been drawing blanks on what or how to actually decorate it. I love some of these wall decors and I like that some of these frames are easy to find cheap at ikea or target! Etsy may even have pre-matted photos! Ahhh I’m excited!

Missed what I liked last week? Check it out here!





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