Naming my Puppy!

It’s currently Sunday at 10:30pm, I have managed to recover from all the piled emails, unread blogs, comments and other personal things in my life that I took a break from while on my 2 week vacation in Hawaii. (which was heavenly..posts on that later). I logged several hours at Starbucks this week, blogged on my lunch break, checked twitter while brushing my teeth and am finally done with everything I needed to catch up on. Minus the posts for this week, however I will be trying my hardest to pump out content and get my ish together (sometime very soon…hopefully Wednesday soon). On a much brighter note I have a HUGE SURPRISE to announce, but I want to address it the right way; not in my current state of delirium where my hands are getting ready to fall off. I’m thinking of announcing it on Saturday…Surprise Saturday (catchy right), but we will see if I can actually hold it in for that long.

Since I don’t have my usual posts up I figured I would let you in on some other exciting news….im getting another puppy! Yay! I currently have a little 5lb Maltese/Yorkie named Kennedy and she will be getting a brother named ……I don’t know yet. Which is why I need your help! My BF and I have narrowed down the list to 4 names. Please bear in mind that these are actual boy names. I consider my dogs my children so I don’t like your average every day of the mill dog names. I want something unique! Leave a comment below on which name you like best!

Please excuse the photo quality. These are only pictures that were sent!

  1. Maddox
  2. Finn
  3.  Parker
  4. Finn

Please excuse the photo quality. It’s the only pictures I was sent!





  1. Alyssa Martinez · July 28, 2014

    Cute dog! … I’m kinda attached with the Maddox name now so I’m voting for it! LOL


  2. Caroline · July 29, 2014

    You’re puppy is SO cute, in love!! And welcome back! 🙂

    xo Caroline


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