July Favorites


1. Apple iphone extension: I upgraded to the Iphone 5s at the beginning of the year, and it was great except they require totally different charging plugs than all the other apple products. ( which is beyond frustrating). As any apple user many of you have probably already figured the chords split really easily, especially when you only have one and transport it with you everywhere. Instead of buying another chord that could potentially split again I bought an adapter that you can add onto your previous apple product chargers. Which is great because I have about 6-8 other chargers and now whenever a chord splits I can swap it out for another one. Works like a charm! Also use it for my Ihome system!

2. Amazon look inside feature: This may be a random thing to like but lately I have been searching for some good blogging books, particularly on monetizing my blog and this look inside feature is perfect before I decide to purchase. For those of you who own a Kindle you can do a one click purchase but personally I use the look inside feature to see if the book is worth buying and then I either order it on Amazon or go to my local bookstore. Currently thinking about getting #Girboss!


3. June bangs/hairstyle: Los angeles is hot! Very Hot! The weather here is too much for me to wear my hair down. So I decided now would be a good time to try something different! I normally don’t like my hair up but I do like these bangs matched with a bun. Im obssesed! This will defiently be my summer look. Im thinking of adding a ponytail once it gets cooler.

4. Finders Keepers: Thier rompers are to die for. I’ve been seeing there clothes everywhere all over the blogsphere! Damsel in Dior; (one of my favs), had a houndstooth romper and I actually thought that when she said ” Finders keepers” she was saying she wasnt going to tell us where she got it. Like it was her hidden gem. Then I saw another cute romper on a different blog and she named “Finders keepers”. It dawned on me that this was an actual line of clothing! Duh Kierra!

5. Tiffany Charm bracelets: I love to wear little things that tell a story, particularly jewerly because it can often be both sublte and classic, unlike costume jewerly that can often get played out. My boyfriend gave me a tiffanys charm bracelet, with no charm( which i actually didnt even notice until now, because I was so gosh darn excited just to have it!) Anywho, I like charms because they usually have some sweet or fun meaning behind them. In particular im loving the handbag charm because I work in fashion and handbags are my favorite, and the cupcake charm because Im obssesed with cupcakes!

6. Spirit Jersey/sweats: Probably the most comfortable combination ever. Spirit jerseys are expensive roughly $50-$55, but they are really thick and I love the baggy feel, not to mention the writing on the back. I have two, one that says San Francisco and the other that says my sorority name on it. Pair this with yoga pants and you are set to go!

What were some of your July Favorites?




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