Looks I Love: The Details

Sometimes an oufit is simply all about the details

four I love backless dresses, especially ones like these that come in beautiful lavender and are long and flowy. Unfortunately  for me I am well-endowed in the chest area, which is why backless dresses like these don’t quite work because I have to wear a bra. This kind of takes the whole sexy out of backless. Until they invent an invisible bra large enough for large boobs and still keeps the sexy…I’m stuck admiring from afar.

one  Let me start of by saying I do not like skirts. At all. Often times I think they are overly girl, fluffy, too long and all in all just plain old awkward, but this skirt almost made my mouth drop. It’s edgy and the styling is so sophisticated.

three  I’ve been in search of an awesome summer hat. Preferably floppy…ya know the kind that they wear at horse races, or the pretty monogramed ones. Yup..I’m that girl. Well at least i am right now. Come fall I will probably be over it. But anyways I saw this hat and thought it was cool. Even though it isn’t floppy, I still think the color is great and not to mention it looks a lot like the infamous Pharell hat, and since Pharell is always cool, thus…so is the hat.

two As you have probably heard me mention before, Im a fan of the details. This chanel handbag is a show stopper all by itself. I love unique messanger bags like these.

As always which one is your favorite!?





  1. chocolatefrosst · August 7, 2014

    That Chanel bag!💗 love the hat too.


  2. No Rule, Just Style · August 7, 2014

    I love Mary from Happily Grey. She’s one of my favorite style bloggers.


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