My Experience with Queen Bey

I had a really long and exhausting week. Back to back meetings at work( We just saw the SP15 line…eeeek so exciting!) then I flew out to Vegas for a family reunion and then flew back to LA with just a few hours to spare before I headed to the Beyonce/Jay-Z concert. I got dolled up..well casually dolled up, drank an amp and headed out the door. To my surprise we got there in 30mins flat, found free parking (which is unheard of) and walked down to the Rosebowl, which wasn’t overly crowded. I was actually getting disappointed because I spent an hour on the computer getting those tickets and if they weren’t sold out I was going to be somewhat bummed.  Anywho the show was ahmazzinnggg, indescribable. The energy in that room and the excitement was mind-blowing. I would get hyped when Beyoncé came out, my boyfriend would go crazy when Jay z performed; and the best part was when we both knew the song. That beat dropped and we went insane.  This concert was the most visually creative and inspirational performance I’ve ever seen. I love it when artists of their magnitude choose to use their music as a way to empower people. If you ever have an audience, use it wisely!

photo 2 (4)Me, the BF, my new summer bangs, and Mac Lipstick( Relentesly red)

img alt="Beyonce, On the run tour, rosebowl, Delta Zeta, Throw what you know" My sorority hand sign( or whatever you even call something like this), anytime a sister goes to a new place, or has an interesting experience you take a photo of you throwing up the sign( Delta Zeta). The delta(trianlge) is on top and the bottom is the Z for Zeta. Its really cool because at the end of the year a collage gets sent out of all the photos from different sisters doing this same sign across the world! Oh and BTW I had floor seats!

img alt=" Beyonce, Jay-z, On the run tour, Rosebowl" It rained, and normally me and my hair dont do the rain. But I was so excited from all the energy and her passion, she was just stunning on stage that I didnt even care that It was kinda pouring. She came out to a stage placed in the middle of the audience and sang her infamous song Resentment in an all white wedding suit.

My voice is so hoarse I sound like a man, every bone in my body aches, and mentally I’m exhausted but that show was well worth it all.






  1. sittingprettystyling · August 4, 2014

    That sounds like an amazing time, I’m glad you enjoyed it!


  2. Alyssa · August 5, 2014

    Sounds so much fun! I hope their tour Asia also 🙂


  3. TheTanTalk · August 5, 2014

    Seems u enjoyed a lot


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