3 Ways to Not Stress About Blogging

Sometimes Blogging makes me have a mini heart attack

I have twitter chats to keep up with, blog posts to schedule, I need to respond to comments, look up other blogs, and this list goes on. Most of which is crammed into a 2 day weekend( along with the rest of my life), and sometimes things slip through the cracks. In a perfect world blogging would be my full time job, or I would be rich and wouldn’t have to work so I could blog as a hobbie. But since neither are my reality I constantly have alot to juggle.
Set Daily Goals
I know most people have an editorial calendar, which i just started using and its awesome, but its important to set daily tasks. For example my goal for Tuesday was to set up my twitter lists, look into a new blog design, and the daily look up other blogs and comment. Of course there are a million  things that go into making your blog successful but when you simplify it into daily steps it makes it easier.
 I don’t know about you but social media is extremely confusing, and the idea of it often exhausts me. I cant keep up with all the new apps and updates being added.  So instead of taking it all on at once I break each app down by month. The last two months were all about twitter; making my twitter lists, updating my info, participating in blog chats etc. Right now that is my primary source of Social media and because I only use one outlet, my traffic is lower than what it could be. Which leads me to the month of September and October which will be all about Instagram. Then the next two months will be about facebook. I know it may be a slow process but its best to learn and master one instead of having 7 that you dont really use.
interact with bloggers
After you have written your own posts and have those set up its time to start reading other blogs. I look through my bloglovin feed everyday, either liking or commenting on posts. One of my segments on my blog ( looks I love) was inspired by all the amazing outfits I would see pop up on my feed. Even if you dont have time to sift through everything, go through it once a day and at least like the posts you do like so that you can go back later and read them. Commenting is one of the easiest and best ways to make friends. I did a guest post with A glamorous revelation, and our friendship grew simply because we would comment on each others blogs!
What little things to you do to help manage it all!?


  1. Heidi Hendricksen Daoud · August 7, 2014

    Love this! Great tips.

    Heidi D.


  2. TashaStylez · August 8, 2014

    These are very helpful tips👌


  3. India Myers · August 14, 2014

    Reblogged this on The Optimistic Blog.


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