Looks I Love: Confidently Wearing

I went through this phase where I thought I had to fill my closet with outfits of all different colors, colors I knew I wasn’t going to wear. I told myself “I’m a fashion major, I need to be up on all the trends and be able to pull off anything”. Years later I’m stuck with a stack of unworn shirts, shorts that don’t fit, and prints that I would never wear. I wasted my time and money trying to be something that I wasn’t. Now ive embraced who I am, my style, and I’m aware of what works for my body.  With that sense of confidence and knowledge I am able to step outside the box and not fear what awaits. I can confidently welcome something that’s different.

This weeks looks I love was all about trying something different, things I normally wouldn’t like but totally loved!
Ok so for a second lets forget how awesome this outfit it is, because her post about the outfit was even better. Which you can check out here! Love people who have the courage to do something different! As always this damsel looks stunning. Can never go wrong with a good black/white classic.
sincerly I’m terrified of heels. I find them extremely intimidating, and rarely every go over 2 inches. My fear is that my foot is never really secure, the strap is going to come off or the heel will be too thin and snap (I know..my paranoia is a problem). I said all of that to say that I love her shoes. The leather around the ankle looks so secure and the heel is just the right amount of thickness. I think I just might be able to handle these!
OlivaPallermo is a tad tooprepster and fashion forward for my style,(i prefer to stick to the classics) so I normally don’t like what she wears. Not to mention she was a totally B$%!H on the hills. But even though im not her biggest fan, this look is incredibly chic. The combination of chambray with a smaller and modern rendition of plaid is definitely my kind of style.
Which look is your favorite!?


  1. Heidi D. · August 8, 2014

    Love the style inspiration!

    Heidi D.


  2. TheTanTalk · August 8, 2014

    Third one Is the best ,,, however it would have been better if she hadn’t opted for checks


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