The Pant with the Wrinkles in the Knee

First I wanted to let you all know that I’m having a really hard time writing this post. I’m currently watching greys anatomy and it’s on that episode where there is a gun man in the hospital. Yup its that episode, and im having mini heart attacks. Just thought you should know. Now back to our regular scheduled programming.

“When it comes to denim I tend to be a simple girl”
I like my jeans skinny, dark, and stretchy. I want a pair of pants that can go with anything and everything, so that the only thing I worry about is what shirt to throw on. I know… boring, or rather I used to be because now im starting to think a little more out of my normal box. I first started out with a striped pant; then moseyed on over to hounds tooth print and now im ready to take on the moto, or as my mother likes to cal them” the pants with the wrinkles in the knee” . Heres a few ways I would style this pant!

moto pant, denim, jeans Baggy Shirt, For days when I want a casual and easy look. Most people are scared to wear white in winter months but matching it with a sweater is a good way to bring it in for fall!

moto 3 Im always trying to serve a double purpose with every outfit. I want one article of clothing that changes the entire look, which is why i always turn to the blazer.It makes everything look good and sophisticated!moto pant, free people Long shirt, with booties. Most of the time picking out a shirt to wear with a pair of skinnys isnt that difficult. but in the era of crop top and high low its rare to find an outfit where you actually prefer a long shirt( thats not tucked in). When i think of Moto i think of edgy and leather, but with a this look the outfit feels relaxed and cool. I love conforming clothes to fit my style or current mood!
To some of you fashionistas out there this may just be a regular skinny, but for a girl like me, who gets intemidated by fringe, and wrinkles in her jeans…this is kinda a big deal.
 I ordered a white and a deep indigo moto! photos coming soon! 

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