The 5 Do’s & Dont’s for Buying Booties

Took me a while to figure out how to title this post without the word bootie, because I didn’t want people to think it was about an actual butt. However I’m assuming most of you who are reading this knew that this was going to be about shoes; which means I worried about the title for nothing. I struggle with blogger perfectionism( sorry!).

Anywho, fall is right around the corner which means it’s time for me to switch over to my other boo. My sandals are my main squeeze and my boots are my boo on the side. Lately ive been neglecting my fall wardrobe, I currently have 12 pairs of sandals, but only two boots, so I figured now was a good time to invest in some new shoes! BTW I got a killer deal on my shoes (see below). I was initially going to buy these; but I was really struggling with spending $140 on two pairs of boots. So I reshopped and found two pairs for $80! Score! I wear a size 11 so getting shoes let alone good shoes on sale is a rare find. I often have to search high and low, and I’ve learned a few do’s and donts along the way.


Do use the zoom button: Fabric looks different from a distance, especially when the color is black. I once bought a pair of sued shoes thinking they were leather. You can also switch to a different(lighter) color to see more texture. –I always buy leather because it’s more durable than suede and can withstand the rain

Don’t buy without good visuals: The worst thing about online shopping is you can’t physically try anything on. Sites like Asos and Zappos offer videos that can show you the product in action. Some of us like our booties snug around our ankle, or want to see what it looks like paired with jeans. Everything looks good in a size 6 but by the time you stretch it out to a size 11 it doesn’t always keep its appeal. Suddenly the round toe looks like a clown’s shoe, or the way it hits on the ankle is unflattering. These fit videos are crucial for me!


Do buy two colors: Normally when you think black the initial afterthought is always white, but that isn’t necessarily the standard for boots. I know some of us live in the color black, but I always think it’s good to have a brown, to lighten an outfit. If I’m wearing white pants( which in LA you can get away with wearing year round) black booties would be too harsh of a combination. Brown or a Cognac would be the perfect touch.

Don’t buy flats: Shoes are more prone to wear and tear when they don’t have a heel. Most booties come with a small heel, usually less than 2 inches. The only time I would ever recommend getting flat boots is when you’re buying rain boots or Uggs( which are my favoriteeeeeeee).


Don’t wait: Most boots/booties are already hitting stores and they will be everywhere come September. Right now there are a few items that stores are trying to get rid of for the larger load of stock coming in September/October, which is why I was able to find boots on sale. Most shoppers are clinging on to the last couple of weeks of summer, and every store is promoting sandal sales( which is very tempting), so the $50 booties often go unnoticed. Snag them while you can because they wont be on sale for long!

Do roll your jeans: Lets face it, if you’re wearing a bootie it means it must not be that cold out so you can afford to roll your jeans without freezing to death. Rolled jeans not only look better but it also says that you took the time out to look stylish today!

Hope these little tips help!





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  1. Ylenia (@ysdblog) · August 20, 2014

    Great post!! Really interesting! (and i mean it!)

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