Blog Design Tips

Blog Design Tips


I’m a “Type A” kind of girl which means I like order and everything slightly perfect so its no surprise that I approach my blog the same way. I’m all about the visuals, so I constantly asking myself how does this look, will my concept resonate with others who are reading it, does this represent me and my blog well? My biggest dilemma is always trying to find the perfect theme. I see something that is simple and easy to read but then I think it looks too boring, then I see something colorful and pretty but I don’t think it looks professional. You see my problem? My mini theme obsession has cost me hours of research on blog design and overtime I’ve learned the basics but today I wanted to offer you all a different perspective and some added tips that sometimes get left out.

Leave your comment section at the top: This is a slight detail that most people overlook but its a big deal to me. Often times it takes me days to be able to read through my Bloglovin feed and by the time I get to a really great post so have a million other readers; which means lots of comments. If your blog is prone to a ton of comments I would suggest making your comment section at the top( such as cupcakes and cashmere) so that your readers don’t have to scroll through 60 comments to interact with you. If I see 100 comments in the queue and nowhere to leave mine chances are I will just click like and move on.

Words before outfit: There are times when I read an OOTD and simply don’t like someone’s outfit (lezzzz be honest). If I see 10 photos of your outfit and have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the post before I get any text, I’m already uninterested. Even if there is not a lot to say; it’s always nice to read the setting, context and see a little personality in each post before you see a photo. Often times I may not like the outfit but I will stick around long enough to read the text because I like the story behind the photo.( Blogger Kayture and Love cats in does this really well)

Over designing: Now I know we’ve all probably heard the warnings about only using white backgrounds and easy to read fonts (which by the way does make for an easier read), but it’s really hard to accomplish that without looking boring. Your blog design should instantly show some sense of your personality and what your blog is about. Weather its white and black (like Harper and Harley) which clearly indicates a more modern and classic style, or you like lots of color (like a beautiful mess, which shows their fun and spunky personalities. The key is finding a balance. Your blog should be personable, memorable but not loud and chaotic. If you love red, then try adding it in subtle areas of your blog, don’t overdue it by making all the text red (I’ve seen it before!). If you love prints, instead of using it as a background, try using it as part of your header.

A few other tips to keep in mind

  • White Background: Ovbi
  • Clean sidebars
  • Font that is easy to read
  • Delete the Captcha: Try and find another way to rid your spam as often times captcha is a hassle for your readers
  • Make your social media visible
  • Make your blog mobile friendly
  • No popups: We should read your blog first before we see an ad!
  • Make your photos pinnable

By all means this post is simply just my opinion, but I have learned from reading blogs and redesigning my own blog (which is coming in a few weeks) the power of design editing and taking a step back so that my content is the main focus. I hope these tips help you as much as they have helped me!

Ps: I’ve been noticing I write a lot of these blogging tip posts; potential series coming soon!? What do ya think!?





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