Blog Update PT 2


I know I’ve been MIA, but honestly it’s been so tough with trying to produce fresh content and build my new blog. I have lots of amazing things in store for you after the blog launch( see full details on that here), so I’m really excited to show you all the things I’ve been working on! There will be a few great changes but here is what you can expect from me in the meantime

  1. Weekly updates: I will be posting an update, such as what your reading right now on the blog each week until the blog launch. That way you all get stay in the know
  2. Social Media: You may have noticed but I changed all my social media usernames to the new blog name! I have been trying to be as interactive as possible on both twitter and Instagram, so during this transition period that will be the best way to reach me!

So that’s all for this update, I will check in again next week! Hope you all have a great labor day weekend!

See last week’s update here





  1. Heidi Hendricksen Daoud · August 29, 2014

    Good luck with all the changes!

    Heidi D.


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