About Me

Hey! Welcome to my blog!

 I’m Kierra and I live in beautiful California with my bf and our little rascal Kennedy(Maltese/Yorkie mix). I currently reside in LA but I’m originally from SF, and the bay will always be my first and only love.

 My blogging experience

 Although I work in the fashion industry Im always struggling to find my own way in the fashion world. What is my style, what works best for my body etc; and I wanted to share this process with people who may be struggling just like me as well as connect with other fashion bloggers.

My eat.pray.love

 I’m truly inspired by positivity, growth, and all things magical.( if my apartment was bigger I would totally have a meditation room!) I love to inspire but better than that I love to be inspired.

My not so style

I would say i dont really have one specific “style”.  I have this undying appreciation for craftsmanship and art so to classify my style would be almost impossible for me. Even though I wouldn’t wear certain things I love textured garments, and crazy fun prints. On the day-to-day however my outfits are very simple and classic with some added accessories.

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I love writing it!




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