Blog Update PT 3

Hey guys! Just wanted to give you another quick update on the status of my blog.

  1. I bought a new design template! Yay! It should be uploaded within a few days!
  2. New Content will officially resume on September 16th which is the official blog launch date. Essentially a new design and new content on our new domain!
  3. A Pretty Thought will be closing, Monday September 8th! This means all of my lovely followers will be transferred to the new website and no longer able to access a pretty thought. So be sure to change all of your bookmarks!
  4. For more updates be sure to follow me on twitter and Instagram!

Blog Update Pt 1

Blog Update Pt 2

Official Blogging Announcement




Blog Update PT 2


I know I’ve been MIA, but honestly it’s been so tough with trying to produce fresh content and build my new blog. I have lots of amazing things in store for you after the blog launch( see full details on that here), so I’m really excited to show you all the things I’ve been working on! There will be a few great changes but here is what you can expect from me in the meantime

  1. Weekly updates: I will be posting an update, such as what your reading right now on the blog each week until the blog launch. That way you all get stay in the know
  2. Social Media: You may have noticed but I changed all my social media usernames to the new blog name! I have been trying to be as interactive as possible on both twitter and Instagram, so during this transition period that will be the best way to reach me!

So that’s all for this update, I will check in again next week! Hope you all have a great labor day weekend!

See last week’s update here



Blog Design Tips

Blog Design Tips


I’m a “Type A” kind of girl which means I like order and everything slightly perfect so its no surprise that I approach my blog the same way. I’m all about the visuals, so I constantly asking myself how does this look, will my concept resonate with others who are reading it, does this represent me and my blog well? My biggest dilemma is always trying to find the perfect theme. I see something that is simple and easy to read but then I think it looks too boring, then I see something colorful and pretty but I don’t think it looks professional. You see my problem? My mini theme obsession has cost me hours of research on blog design and overtime I’ve learned the basics but today I wanted to offer you all a different perspective and some added tips that sometimes get left out.

Leave your comment section at the top: This is a slight detail that most people overlook but its a big deal to me. Often times it takes me days to be able to read through my Bloglovin feed and by the time I get to a really great post so have a million other readers; which means lots of comments. If your blog is prone to a ton of comments I would suggest making your comment section at the top( such as cupcakes and cashmere) so that your readers don’t have to scroll through 60 comments to interact with you. If I see 100 comments in the queue and nowhere to leave mine chances are I will just click like and move on.

Words before outfit: There are times when I read an OOTD and simply don’t like someone’s outfit (lezzzz be honest). If I see 10 photos of your outfit and have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the post before I get any text, I’m already uninterested. Even if there is not a lot to say; it’s always nice to read the setting, context and see a little personality in each post before you see a photo. Often times I may not like the outfit but I will stick around long enough to read the text because I like the story behind the photo.( Blogger Kayture and Love cats in does this really well)

Over designing: Now I know we’ve all probably heard the warnings about only using white backgrounds and easy to read fonts (which by the way does make for an easier read), but it’s really hard to accomplish that without looking boring. Your blog design should instantly show some sense of your personality and what your blog is about. Weather its white and black (like Harper and Harley) which clearly indicates a more modern and classic style, or you like lots of color (like a beautiful mess, which shows their fun and spunky personalities. The key is finding a balance. Your blog should be personable, memorable but not loud and chaotic. If you love red, then try adding it in subtle areas of your blog, don’t overdue it by making all the text red (I’ve seen it before!). If you love prints, instead of using it as a background, try using it as part of your header.

A few other tips to keep in mind

  • White Background: Ovbi
  • Clean sidebars
  • Font that is easy to read
  • Delete the Captcha: Try and find another way to rid your spam as often times captcha is a hassle for your readers
  • Make your social media visible
  • Make your blog mobile friendly
  • No popups: We should read your blog first before we see an ad!
  • Make your photos pinnable

By all means this post is simply just my opinion, but I have learned from reading blogs and redesigning my own blog (which is coming in a few weeks) the power of design editing and taking a step back so that my content is the main focus. I hope these tips help you as much as they have helped me!

Ps: I’ve been noticing I write a lot of these blogging tip posts; potential series coming soon!? What do ya think!?




Blog Update PT 1

So todays post is more of an update on what’s going on with the new blog! (im soooooo excited). Lately I’ve been spending literally all of my free time looking up self-hosted WordPress tips, what plugins to use etc. trying to get prepared for the launch of HerCharisma. I’ve been learning some amazing tips, and I wanted to share some things so you all know what to look forward too!

  1. Design: I’m having my design customized! I’ve never done this before but the designer I’m using has amazing reviews so I can’t wait to see how it turns out.
  2. Photography: I always admire other peoples outfit posts but never actually take the time to do my own. I use to feel like if it didn’t look as good as Jacey from Damsel and Dior that I shouldn’t even bother. First rule of blogging” Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers”, because essentially you talk yourself out of even trying. So this week I started looking into getting new photo equipment including a tripod, and camera remote. I’ve been dreaming of purchasing the Canon Rebel, but I may have to save up a little bit more! (PS: If any of you use this camera let me know how you like it)
  3. Social media: You may have noticed that everything on my Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest have been changed over to HerCharisma!. I wanted to do this now so that you all were familiar with seeing the name, so when the site launched it wouldn’t be a whole bunch of changes at once.
  4. Organization/Consistency: Between managing a full time job, my commute and personal life, my blog often times get stuck on the back burner and It’s been my biggest struggle to try and juggle it all. However I’m proud to announce I have finally downloaded an editorial calendar, got a new journal, and have really taken the time to understand the content and direction that I want this new blog to go in. I’m still deciding on what specific days I will be posting( right now I try to post 5 days a week), so I may have to cut back a little but we shall see!

As always I will keep you guys up to date with any new changes! I’m currently in the process of getting the design customized so as soon as that’s done and taken care of I will be able to announce an official launch date!

Stay tuned!!



The Best Dressed Lawyers on TV

You ever see a character on TV and think to yourself..” I literally want to be her”. Well that’s how I feel about Olivia Pope (Scandal) and Jessica Pearson(Suits). These women are not only power players in both of their shows but they are always dressed to impress. I normally hate business attire but these outfits are simply stunning.

jessica pearson, olivia pope, best dressed lawyers, kerry washington

My favorite:

Olivia Pope (middle): We all know I’m a casual kind of girl. I love the slouchy cowlneck top mixed with a pair of trousers. Perfect for a winter outfit that can be easily dressed up!

Jessica Person (top right): One of the things I miss about San Francisco is the cold weather. I know most people love LA because its sunny all the time, but I miss being able to wear a nice peacoat, or this beautiful fur shown in the photo. My favorite part is that she is wearing it around her neck as a shawl; it looks far more sophisticated than wearing it as a jacket.

Which look is your favorite!?

The 5 Do’s & Dont’s for Buying Booties

Took me a while to figure out how to title this post without the word bootie, because I didn’t want people to think it was about an actual butt. However I’m assuming most of you who are reading this knew that this was going to be about shoes; which means I worried about the title for nothing. I struggle with blogger perfectionism( sorry!).

Anywho, fall is right around the corner which means it’s time for me to switch over to my other boo. My sandals are my main squeeze and my boots are my boo on the side. Lately ive been neglecting my fall wardrobe, I currently have 12 pairs of sandals, but only two boots, so I figured now was a good time to invest in some new shoes! BTW I got a killer deal on my shoes (see below). I was initially going to buy these; but I was really struggling with spending $140 on two pairs of boots. So I reshopped and found two pairs for $80! Score! I wear a size 11 so getting shoes let alone good shoes on sale is a rare find. I often have to search high and low, and I’ve learned a few do’s and donts along the way.


Do use the zoom button: Fabric looks different from a distance, especially when the color is black. I once bought a pair of sued shoes thinking they were leather. You can also switch to a different(lighter) color to see more texture. –I always buy leather because it’s more durable than suede and can withstand the rain

Don’t buy without good visuals: The worst thing about online shopping is you can’t physically try anything on. Sites like Asos and Zappos offer videos that can show you the product in action. Some of us like our booties snug around our ankle, or want to see what it looks like paired with jeans. Everything looks good in a size 6 but by the time you stretch it out to a size 11 it doesn’t always keep its appeal. Suddenly the round toe looks like a clown’s shoe, or the way it hits on the ankle is unflattering. These fit videos are crucial for me!


Do buy two colors: Normally when you think black the initial afterthought is always white, but that isn’t necessarily the standard for boots. I know some of us live in the color black, but I always think it’s good to have a brown, to lighten an outfit. If I’m wearing white pants( which in LA you can get away with wearing year round) black booties would be too harsh of a combination. Brown or a Cognac would be the perfect touch.

Don’t buy flats: Shoes are more prone to wear and tear when they don’t have a heel. Most booties come with a small heel, usually less than 2 inches. The only time I would ever recommend getting flat boots is when you’re buying rain boots or Uggs( which are my favoriteeeeeeee).


Don’t wait: Most boots/booties are already hitting stores and they will be everywhere come September. Right now there are a few items that stores are trying to get rid of for the larger load of stock coming in September/October, which is why I was able to find boots on sale. Most shoppers are clinging on to the last couple of weeks of summer, and every store is promoting sandal sales( which is very tempting), so the $50 booties often go unnoticed. Snag them while you can because they wont be on sale for long!

Do roll your jeans: Lets face it, if you’re wearing a bootie it means it must not be that cold out so you can afford to roll your jeans without freezing to death. Rolled jeans not only look better but it also says that you took the time out to look stylish today!

Hope these little tips help!




Looks I Love: Transitioning into Fall

Yay its August! I love deep colors, layering my clothes and just the feel of being warm and cozy. This week is all about transitioning from summer to fall!

looks i love, style, transitioning into fall

1. Green is a the perfect fall color, and the combination with yellow is just the hint of summer that it needs

looks i love, style, transitioning into fall

2. There is that green again! I love this black blazer; its heavy and textured. Very Fall!

looks i love, style, transitioning into fall

3. Nothing says comfy like a good pair of sweat pants. they are definitely trending for fall so be sure to snag you a pair!

What goodies do you have in your closet that you plan to bring into Fall?



her charisma, charm, quotes

Blogging Announcement

I have a special announcement!

The day has finally come where I make my announcement……..I’m rebranding and renaming my blog! I have finally gotten to a point where I understand my content and audience better and am able to take this next step to success! I’m sure you all have a few questions so I will get right down to answering the basics:

Reasons for change

  1. I wanted to switch to ( self hosting) so that I can have more control over my site, and eventually turn it into a profitable business. Self-hosting also gives you more SEO advantages, which will be perfect for building my traffic!
  2. Switch from .org. to .com. I initially wanted to have a .com hosting site but the title was already taken so I thought why not just use .org! Big mistake. So many times I say my blog name and people( including my mother and friends) will type it in with a .com. Its just an automatic assumption in the internet world that everything ends with .com, so I thought it would be smart to finally switch.

Why am I changing the name of the Blog?

I honestly outgrew it. When I initially started blogging I wanted to share my thoughts on how I made myself feel pretty. The subtle things that a women does to make herself feel confident. Now it’s turned into so much more and I see potential in myself and my blog to become bigger than I even thought. I wanted a clean slate for my new clear perspective and direction for this blog.

How does this affect you?

It doesn’t! I will be carrying over all of my followers (well actually WordPress will do it) and you will have plenty of notice to change your bookmarks and subscriptions to the new blog!

What’s the name of the Blog?

I’m sure you’ve all been reading and probably most of you scrolled until you got to this part( its ok..i do it too). The new blog title is called Right now the site is completely empty; Im in the process of setting up a custom design( eeek so excited!) and getting everything transferred so for now let’s just pretend it doesn’t exist.

Why did you choose this name?

One of the most inspiring aspects of blogging is the ability to connect with other people. To read something and literally hear the person talking to you through the computer, as if you are sharing the moment with them. Personality is always the first thing I look for in a blog and it’s the key element to all my posts. I wanted this new blog to be memorable, to be inspiring and to keep people coming back for more.

When I was brainstorming I thought of all the characteristics that make people memorable to me; and the word that popped in my mind was Charm. I toyed around with tons of names and finally landed on Her Charisma. Below are a few quotes that I also used for inspiration. When I read these quotes me and I literally thought” that’s so Kierra”; so I can honestly say this title fits me perfectly!

charm four charm three charm two

Let me know if you have any questions and what you all think of the new name!




The Pant with the Wrinkles in the Knee

First I wanted to let you all know that I’m having a really hard time writing this post. I’m currently watching greys anatomy and it’s on that episode where there is a gun man in the hospital. Yup its that episode, and im having mini heart attacks. Just thought you should know. Now back to our regular scheduled programming.

“When it comes to denim I tend to be a simple girl”
I like my jeans skinny, dark, and stretchy. I want a pair of pants that can go with anything and everything, so that the only thing I worry about is what shirt to throw on. I know… boring, or rather I used to be because now im starting to think a little more out of my normal box. I first started out with a striped pant; then moseyed on over to hounds tooth print and now im ready to take on the moto, or as my mother likes to cal them” the pants with the wrinkles in the knee” . Heres a few ways I would style this pant!

moto pant, denim, jeans Baggy Shirt, For days when I want a casual and easy look. Most people are scared to wear white in winter months but matching it with a sweater is a good way to bring it in for fall!

moto 3 Im always trying to serve a double purpose with every outfit. I want one article of clothing that changes the entire look, which is why i always turn to the blazer.It makes everything look good and sophisticated!moto pant, free people Long shirt, with booties. Most of the time picking out a shirt to wear with a pair of skinnys isnt that difficult. but in the era of crop top and high low its rare to find an outfit where you actually prefer a long shirt( thats not tucked in). When i think of Moto i think of edgy and leather, but with a this look the outfit feels relaxed and cool. I love conforming clothes to fit my style or current mood!
To some of you fashionistas out there this may just be a regular skinny, but for a girl like me, who gets intemidated by fringe, and wrinkles in her jeans…this is kinda a big deal.
 I ordered a white and a deep indigo moto! photos coming soon! 

The Questions Every Blogger Hates To Answer

Every time I read any tips about becoming a successful blogger it always starts off with a list of questions you need to ask yourself. You need to understand you niche, who your reader is, what you have to offer that makes you different….and the list goes on. It’s really overwhelming. I mean I want the success and all but I didn’t realize it meant I had to so much self-reflecting. I took two weeks off from blogging (to enjoy my vacation in Hawaii)and it gave me some time to think of some answers for these questions. In light of me rebranding my blog I figured I would share it with you and hopefully give you insight on how to answer these questions too.

Why are you starting a blog: Some people start a blog knowing exactly what they want to talk about. As you start to engage with other readers, see what other blogs you love are doing, participate in twitter chats, you will absorb information and the “ why you blog” question will not be so black and white. Through the rush of it all you should give you reader something to hold on to, whether it be a consistent schedule, a good laugh or two on your weekly Friday posts, or the fact that they can always count on you to have the latest beauty tips. If you don’t know what you’re doing right away, or if you’re learning as you go then tell your readers that; after all its yours…you can do what you want with it!

What is your blogging niche: I actually really hate this rule of blogging. As with any business you have to know your audience, but the beauty about blogging is the ability for it to take form that is different from most corporate structures. Some blogs are just ramblings, or an online diary. I believe that you need vision and know how to execute that vision; but it should be a creative experience. Blogging in itself is a niche, I think the only thing that makes you different is how you take it and make it your own.

What are you blogging about: Honestly I have no freaking clue. I start something, people like it so I keep going with it. Too a certain extent my audience dictates what I write about, the rest is usually me sharing things I’ve learned. Blogging tips that I’ve had to learn the hard way, or fashion do’s and don’ts based on my experience in school and working in the industry. It’s a little bit of what I already know and a little bit of what I’m learning.

I love blogging, and it would be amazing to make this my full career one day, but I don’t believe that there is a specific formula to blogging success. Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to have all the answers right away, let your blog evolve and see where it takes you! I’d love to hear some of your answers so feel free to leave them below!