Makeup Monday: This or That Tag

I’m having this new found love or rather slight addiction with all of these “tags” I’m finding all over the blogging universe. I haven’t done a proper makeup Monday in a while, or a beauty post at all (I do have some goodies coming up next week!) so I thought this would be fun. I edited the initial tag for my beauty preferences but feel free to do the full tag if you like it!

Beauty photo

Blush or Bronzer?  For the longest time I didn’t even know the difference, and I still kind of don’t. The first bronzer I broke was Sonia Kashuk Goddess Bronzer and it broke me out. So I now use Mac Blunt Blush and love it!

Lipgloss or Lipstick?  Hands down lipstick!

Eyeliner or Mascara?  You honestly cant live having one without the other. But I would say mascara, lately ive been really into lashes!

Foundation or Concealer? Once again…hardly know the difference. I don’t understand the functions of concealers so by default I say foundation. I just want my face to be even!

Neutral or Coloured Eyeshadow?  Neutral, not a fan of eyeshadow at all actually

Pressed or Loose Eyeshadow? Huh??

Brushes or Sponges? Brushes, My Real techniques brushes are to dieeeee for but I am looking into getting the beauty blender from Sephora!


Perfume or Body Splash?  Perfume, lasts longer. I actually have my own perfume made and customized! Its my perfect scent!

Lotion or Body Butter?  Lotion for my body, Body Butter for my feet and dryer areas of my body.

Body Wash or Soap? Arent they the same thing?? I prefer liquid soap though

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Jeans or Sweat Pants? Is it cheating If I say both! Jeans are definitely a winner but sweat pants are a close second.

Long Sleeve or Short?  I prefer long sleeves

Dresses or Skirts? Dresses, don’t like skirts.

Stripes or Plaid?  Love both! Plaid is always more safe because not all stripes are flattering on me.

Jacket or Hoodie?  Hoodie!!!

Feel free to do that tag also!




Pretty Thrifty: Lip Scrub

This Pretty Thrifty segment is all about lip scrub! For those of you just tuning in this segment is all about experimenting with certain beauty products, comparing one high end item vs the drugstore version of the same item. See my previous Pretty Thrifty segment here!

My favorite kind of lipstick is matte; which as we all know is really drying on the lips. So I’ve been using lip scrub/exfoliate to help get rid of all the dead skin so that my lipstick applies nice and smooth with minimal pilling.

fresh sugar lip

Fresh Lip Scrub: ( $22 )I actually tried a sample from Sephora. Which I used for a week. Really loved it and a little goes a long way. I recommend using a toothbrush or an exfoliating brush (they sell them at Sephora) because it doesn’t really work when trying to apply it with just your fingers or rubbing your lips together. After I applied the scrub I took a warm towel and wiped off the dead skin. Now if you are using a toothbrush, it will probably remove most of it for you. It is brown sugar so its eatable- don’t freak out if you get some in your mouth! I then used my Eos lip balm to moisturize before applying my lipstick.

Note: If you want a smooth application of your matte lipstick apply a thick layer of lip balm so that the lipstick just glides on. However I noticed that this makes your lips more prone to pilling. What I do is apply a thin layer-one swipe of lip balm- and then apply the matte lipstick. It’s going to feel drier and may not be as smooth when applying but it will give your lipstick more lasting power.


Elf Lip exfoliate: ( $5 ) This actually is to be applied like a lipstick. I like this one because it’s both moisturizing and exfoliating at the same time. The beads are mixed in with the moisturizer so it starts off applying as rough and then as you keep wiping it turns into a lip balm. I wouldn’t recommend this for people who are advent lipstick wearers, especially those who love matte lipsticks. It is less of a scrub and more of dual purpose exfoliate so you get less rub but you do get the added moisture.

My preference: Fresh Lip Scrub was my favorite because it removed more dry skin. It was better for actually exfoliating which is what I needed it for. It is messier but a lot goes a long way so I think the price is worth it. If you don’t wear lipstick often, or don’t want to exfoliate often then I would suggest the Elf brand. It’s more convenient for the occasional lipstick wearer.

Beauty At Your Doorstep

When I first started blogging I had no clue what to talk about besides fashion, beauty was completely unchartered territory. I watched countless Youtube videos( and still do), spent hours on Temptalia trying to compare products and then of course my ongoing battle with drugstore products vs designer brands. (It’s a daily struggle). Now I don’t even have to bother because these amazing beauty boxes are sent straight to my doorstep with awesome goodies tailored to my needs. I’ve rounded up a list of some beauty boxes I’ve been reading up on!

Birchbox: $10
• 4-5 deluxe samples
• Companies: Nars, Stila, Weleda, a combination of luxury and niche brands

sample society
Sample society with allure: $15
• Deluxe size samples
• StriVectin, Erno Laszlo, DDF, Deborah Lippmann, Oscar de la Renta

Ipsy: $10
• 4-5 deluxe samples and full size products
• Urban Decay, Tarte, and Philosophy every month.
• Each kit has a theme—nighttime, holiday—and the products are chosen so they go together;
• The look is demonstrated in a video

beauty army
Beauty army: $12
• Every month, you choose six samples from a menu of nine hard-to-find brands,
• Skyn Iceland, Lucy B. organic makeup, and Lipsi cosmetics.
• You can cancel or skip a month at any time.

There are plenty more but these were just my favorite. You can find the full list at I will have one in the mail soon. Stay tuned to see what I get!

Have you signed up for any Beauty Boxes?




The Perfect Contour Blush: Mac Blunt

img alt="mac blunt, bronzer, sonia kashuk, goddess, blush"

As with any makeup product I do a ton of research before I buy it. I was using the Sonia kashuk goddess bronzer and I initially loved it until I realized that it was breaking my skin out. Plus it gave me a great glow but it didn’t do anything for a contour. I have really full cheeks and sometimes my face can look round. So I like a defined contour to add some structure to my face.  This is when I discovered Mac Blunt. I wanted something that would add definition and this definitely does that. I also wanted something that was matte. As you have probably figured out by now I don’t like shimmer, glitter, shine, sheer etc. I prefer my makeup to be matte and pigmented; however I do add Urban Decay All nighter spray for some dewiness and so that my makeup doesn’t melt off my face. All in all I love the look it gives me!

What do you use to contour?



Beauty Roundup & Reviews

Can you believe we are already midway through summer! Crazy right! Summer has been a busy beauty month for me so  I wanted to compile a list of things that I bought and give you all a mini review! So here we go!
Love Love Love
1. NYX Blush: Love these blushes because they are really pigmented. But by the end of the day they have worn out and don’t even show on my face anymore. I’ve heard that tends to happen with powder blushes so I definitely want to try a cream blush soon!
2. Real techniques brushes: All of these brushes are amazing!! The buffing brush is my favorite. I use it to apply my powder foundation and then to blend my makeup together. The core set is totally worth buying!
3. Maybelline Fit me Powder Foundation( shade 360): this foundation is perfect!! It gives me a very natural and light look. Perfect for summer
4. Maybelline Fit me Liquid Foundation( shade 360): More of a full coverage. I only use this for days I’m going for a more glamorous look. Not very good for summer because it makes my face feel like wax with the heat. I will probably get more use out of this when fall/winter hits
5. Urban decay finishing spray: Gives me a great dewy finish! Most of my makeup is matte.( I don’t like a lot of shimmer), So this is a perfect finish for me so that my face doesn’t look so flat
6. Lash Gripper: Works like a charm. Knew I would love it when I first bought it. Unfortunately I haven’t been wearing my falsies as often as I would like but when I do the gripper is perfect!
7. Maybelline Falsies Mascara: The mascara is just as it is described. My lashes look so full, thick and long when I wear these. I cant wait to use this mascara when I actually have my falsies on! ( I’ve also noticed Im developing a mini obsession with Maybelline)
Blah Blah Blah
To see what products I did buy but that didn’t work out so well check here!

Makeup Monday: 3 Myths about Makeup Removers

img alt=" gabrielle union, washing face, dark skin"

I used to think that makeup removers were a waste of money. Why don’t people just use a towel? Well obviously my face didn’t seem to have my same sentiment and broke out like crazy after not removing my makeup properly. I figured I would let you guys in on all the little things about makeup removers that I learned to not be so true!

Warm Damp Cloth: At first I was using a warm wash cloth, but between the liquid foundation, and waterproof eyeliner not everything was coming off. It did work well to remove the first layer of makeup and would be a solid alternative for days you run out of makeup removers. But I definitely wouldn’t recommend making it a habit.

You can use your normal facial cleanser: I’m currently using Clinique 3 step system and as the name suggests it has 3 different steps. The first being soap (I’m sure that’s not the official name for it but for now let’s just say it is). The second portion is the cleanser and that does help but you have to use a lot of it. I had to use three cotton balls and more cleanser before I was able to remove everything. My 3 step system was expensive so I wouldn’t recommend wasting most of it removing makeup.

That you only need one: the idea is that you only need one type of makeup remover. But I’m learning that that isn’t true. I don’t wear a lot of makeup; in fact my makeup routine is fairly natural. So I usually don’t have a lot to remove; but with any good makeup you need an even stronger remover. I’m currently using Neutrogena wipes and while I love them they can never get off all of my eyeliner and mascara. I read at lovecatsinc to try Benefit they’re real remover. So I will definitely be trying that soon! I also was at mac this weekend and was using there makeup removers. Love them! I may go back and buy those as well!



June Favorites: 7 things Im Currently Obsessed With

Can you believe June is here! I feel like it was only days ago that I was writing my May Favorites list! June hasn’t really been an eventful month for me; mainly I’ve been counting down the days until July gets here because I’m going to Hawaii! Whoop Whoop! but details on that later; lets talk about June shall we?img alt="red velvet, sprinkles cupcakes, cupcakes"1. Sprinkles Cupcakes: I’m a die-hard cupcake lover; I will choose a cupcake over cake, cookies, or any other desert imaginable( besides chocolate strawberries; white chocolate to be exact). I’ve never really like red velvet but there’s is just irresistible. I’ve literally been at least once a week for the past month and the only reason why it’s not more is because it’s fairly far away. 

img alt="type a, kate spade case, iphone 5s case, iphone case"

2. Kate Spade: I got a new Iphone Case. Now when I first read it I thought It said ” HYPE” but then when I took a double look and realized it said “TYPE A” I was all in! I definitely am a Type A personality kinda girl and this case is perfect for me. My phone sits in it just right and the case is thick as well.

img alt="grilled artichokes, artichoke"

3. Grilled Artichokes: I know…wierdddd thing to be obsessed with. But lately I have been craving them. I have even been on yfrelp trying to find places that have grilled artichokes. I managed to find a local vegan restaraunt name Lyfe Kitchen. Its delicious!



img alt="free people"

4. Free People: I’m pretty much obsessed with their website everyday; but their stuff lately has just been making me drool. There isn’t a single thing I don’t want yet all of it is stuff my pocket just can’t afford. Womp Womp. Doesnt stop me from dreaming though!

img alt="tiffany's bracelet, charm bracelet, tiffanys jewerly,"

5. Tiffany’s: Right around June/July I start giving my boyfriend a list of things I want for my birthday in September. Normally I have a variety of things but this year I wanted to focus on Jewelry. I’ve been noticing that I’m transitioning from a lot of costume jewelry to more classic everyday pieces. He bought me a Tiffany’s charm bracelet for our one year anniversary( which was 3 years ago), so I thought it would be cute to get a meaningful charm added to it. Most of these I would buy myself but of course it would be better coming from him.

6. Organizational Tips: I love organization! Without it my life seems so chaotic. When I read these tips I was absolutely ecstatic. Especially since I don’t like your typical makeup bags or jewelry boxes. I will definitely be trying some of these soon! Click here!

7. Evernote Web: Since I havent gotten that lovely kate spade journal yet I have been using evernote. Its amazing! My favorite part is that I can log in at work; make a note and it saves it so I can access it anywhere. I tried doing this with google docs but it was too glitchy and slow. Evernote is perfect!

Welp that’s it for the month of June! What are some of your favorites!




4 Things I wanted to Like but Didnt

Every now and then you buy an item your extremely excited to have but turns out to be a huge disappointment. You want to like it soooooooooo bad and you feel like it fails you. Well lately the more I’ve been experimenting the more that’s been happening. So I figured why not blog about it! Here a just a few things that to my surprise weren’t really the bees knees.

Victoria secret body wash: I bought two different types; one the regular liquid version and then the other an exfoliating scrub. The liquid ran out so fast! As soon as I would get adjusted to the scent it would run out! The scrub was definitely exfoliating and lasted longer but personally for the price of Victoria secret body wash I don’t feel like it’s worth it.

Try: Olay body wash: I bought them in bulk at Costco. Makes my skin super smooth and lasts a long time!

Goddess Sonia Kashuk: I don’t know if it’s the shimmer or just that the color is to sheer but it does not do anything for my skin tone. I feel like glitter slapped my face!

  Try: If you have a bronzer you don’t particularly like try and use it as an eyeshadow. This bronzer is a perfect gold for a base for my eyes.

Benefit 15hr primer: I tried this once at a friend’s house and loved it; so I was ecstatic to finally pick it up at Sephora. To my surprise it made my skin breakout. My face felt extremely oily; so I eventually returned it

Try: instead of primer use a moisturizer. I use the Clinique moisturizer lotion and it works great!

Mac Liquid Foundation: I knew I didn’t want their foundation in the first place but I got stooped into buying it. I will say a little does go very far and the foundation has lasted me almost a full year but it’s too much coverage for my face and it’s slightly darker than my natural skin tone.

Try: Maybelline fit me! I love the powder for a natural look and the liquid for a heavier look. Both fit me perfectly.

What are some things that you wanted to like but just didnt?



Makeup Monday: Mac Collection!

mac collection

Over the past couple of months I’ve been adding to my little Mac collection. Here is my collection thus far!

Mac Swatches Dark Skin

  1. Flat out FabulousMatte: It’s like a pink purple, borderline fuchsia! I love it!! One of my favorites and it goes with everything
  2. Relentlessly RedMatte: This red is pretty but it has a strong blue undertone that doesn’t fair well with my skin tone. I always have to wear it with a liner or put a gloss over it. It needs to played with before I can get it right so I only wear it when I have enough time to do my makeup
  3. RebelSatin: My first Mac lipstick! It’s perfect; really easy.
  4. HeroineMatte: Very purple. Sometimes when I want an edgy look or I’m doing a smokey eye I go with this lipstick.
  5. TwigSatin: A good everyday lipstick. I don’t really like “nude” or “brown” so this light shimmer pink is exactly what I was looking for
  6. Viva GlamMatte: Now I don’t really know which viva glam I have but I would say both of them are my least favorite. The brown is pretty with my skin tone; good for natural makeup look. I usually wear this when I’m wearing a lot of white; or a contrasting color like yellow or red. The red lipstick is my least fav. I haven’t quite figured out how to work it yet.

Now I know everyone says that every girl should have a red lipstick but personally I prefer pinks and purples. What are some of your favorite Mac lipsticks!?


Keeping up with Kierra

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May Favorites

June is here; but I couldnt leave May without doing a quick favorites list. These are just a few things I couldnt keep my hands off of!
may favorites


Mac Flat out Fabulous: For about a year now my leading favorite Mac lipstick has been Rebel; but Flat out Fabulous has won me over. It’s the perfect pink lipstick and it goes with everything. I also like that I can throw a quick gloss on it as well and it looks just as cute.

Hudson Jeans: They are the perfect stretch jean; super comfortable. I wear them all the time.

Francesca’s bag: I use this for everythingggggggg. It fits just the right amount of stuff and it hangs perfectly on me. Can’t wait to get another one.

Michael Kors Sunglasses: Obsessed with them. I’ve had them for years and they have never broken; they also go with everything.

What were some of your May favorites?


Keeping up with Kierra

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