The Best Dressed Lawyers on TV

You ever see a character on TV and think to yourself..” I literally want to be her”. Well that’s how I feel about Olivia Pope (Scandal) and Jessica Pearson(Suits). These women are not only power players in both of their shows but they are always dressed to impress. I normally hate business attire but these outfits are simply stunning.

jessica pearson, olivia pope, best dressed lawyers, kerry washington

My favorite:

Olivia Pope (middle): We all know I’m a casual kind of girl. I love the slouchy cowlneck top mixed with a pair of trousers. Perfect for a winter outfit that can be easily dressed up!

Jessica Person (top right): One of the things I miss about San Francisco is the cold weather. I know most people love LA because its sunny all the time, but I miss being able to wear a nice peacoat, or this beautiful fur shown in the photo. My favorite part is that she is wearing it around her neck as a shawl; it looks far more sophisticated than wearing it as a jacket.

Which look is your favorite!?


The 5 Do’s & Dont’s for Buying Booties

Took me a while to figure out how to title this post without the word bootie, because I didn’t want people to think it was about an actual butt. However I’m assuming most of you who are reading this knew that this was going to be about shoes; which means I worried about the title for nothing. I struggle with blogger perfectionism( sorry!).

Anywho, fall is right around the corner which means it’s time for me to switch over to my other boo. My sandals are my main squeeze and my boots are my boo on the side. Lately ive been neglecting my fall wardrobe, I currently have 12 pairs of sandals, but only two boots, so I figured now was a good time to invest in some new shoes! BTW I got a killer deal on my shoes (see below). I was initially going to buy these; but I was really struggling with spending $140 on two pairs of boots. So I reshopped and found two pairs for $80! Score! I wear a size 11 so getting shoes let alone good shoes on sale is a rare find. I often have to search high and low, and I’ve learned a few do’s and donts along the way.


Do use the zoom button: Fabric looks different from a distance, especially when the color is black. I once bought a pair of sued shoes thinking they were leather. You can also switch to a different(lighter) color to see more texture. –I always buy leather because it’s more durable than suede and can withstand the rain

Don’t buy without good visuals: The worst thing about online shopping is you can’t physically try anything on. Sites like Asos and Zappos offer videos that can show you the product in action. Some of us like our booties snug around our ankle, or want to see what it looks like paired with jeans. Everything looks good in a size 6 but by the time you stretch it out to a size 11 it doesn’t always keep its appeal. Suddenly the round toe looks like a clown’s shoe, or the way it hits on the ankle is unflattering. These fit videos are crucial for me!


Do buy two colors: Normally when you think black the initial afterthought is always white, but that isn’t necessarily the standard for boots. I know some of us live in the color black, but I always think it’s good to have a brown, to lighten an outfit. If I’m wearing white pants( which in LA you can get away with wearing year round) black booties would be too harsh of a combination. Brown or a Cognac would be the perfect touch.

Don’t buy flats: Shoes are more prone to wear and tear when they don’t have a heel. Most booties come with a small heel, usually less than 2 inches. The only time I would ever recommend getting flat boots is when you’re buying rain boots or Uggs( which are my favoriteeeeeeee).


Don’t wait: Most boots/booties are already hitting stores and they will be everywhere come September. Right now there are a few items that stores are trying to get rid of for the larger load of stock coming in September/October, which is why I was able to find boots on sale. Most shoppers are clinging on to the last couple of weeks of summer, and every store is promoting sandal sales( which is very tempting), so the $50 booties often go unnoticed. Snag them while you can because they wont be on sale for long!

Do roll your jeans: Lets face it, if you’re wearing a bootie it means it must not be that cold out so you can afford to roll your jeans without freezing to death. Rolled jeans not only look better but it also says that you took the time out to look stylish today!

Hope these little tips help!




Looks I Love: Transitioning into Fall

Yay its August! I love deep colors, layering my clothes and just the feel of being warm and cozy. This week is all about transitioning from summer to fall!

looks i love, style, transitioning into fall

1. Green is a the perfect fall color, and the combination with yellow is just the hint of summer that it needs

looks i love, style, transitioning into fall

2. There is that green again! I love this black blazer; its heavy and textured. Very Fall!

looks i love, style, transitioning into fall

3. Nothing says comfy like a good pair of sweat pants. they are definitely trending for fall so be sure to snag you a pair!

What goodies do you have in your closet that you plan to bring into Fall?



The Pant with the Wrinkles in the Knee

First I wanted to let you all know that I’m having a really hard time writing this post. I’m currently watching greys anatomy and it’s on that episode where there is a gun man in the hospital. Yup its that episode, and im having mini heart attacks. Just thought you should know. Now back to our regular scheduled programming.

“When it comes to denim I tend to be a simple girl”
I like my jeans skinny, dark, and stretchy. I want a pair of pants that can go with anything and everything, so that the only thing I worry about is what shirt to throw on. I know… boring, or rather I used to be because now im starting to think a little more out of my normal box. I first started out with a striped pant; then moseyed on over to hounds tooth print and now im ready to take on the moto, or as my mother likes to cal them” the pants with the wrinkles in the knee” . Heres a few ways I would style this pant!

moto pant, denim, jeans Baggy Shirt, For days when I want a casual and easy look. Most people are scared to wear white in winter months but matching it with a sweater is a good way to bring it in for fall!

moto 3 Im always trying to serve a double purpose with every outfit. I want one article of clothing that changes the entire look, which is why i always turn to the blazer.It makes everything look good and sophisticated!moto pant, free people Long shirt, with booties. Most of the time picking out a shirt to wear with a pair of skinnys isnt that difficult. but in the era of crop top and high low its rare to find an outfit where you actually prefer a long shirt( thats not tucked in). When i think of Moto i think of edgy and leather, but with a this look the outfit feels relaxed and cool. I love conforming clothes to fit my style or current mood!
To some of you fashionistas out there this may just be a regular skinny, but for a girl like me, who gets intemidated by fringe, and wrinkles in her jeans…this is kinda a big deal.
 I ordered a white and a deep indigo moto! photos coming soon! 

Looks I Love: Confidently Wearing

I went through this phase where I thought I had to fill my closet with outfits of all different colors, colors I knew I wasn’t going to wear. I told myself “I’m a fashion major, I need to be up on all the trends and be able to pull off anything”. Years later I’m stuck with a stack of unworn shirts, shorts that don’t fit, and prints that I would never wear. I wasted my time and money trying to be something that I wasn’t. Now ive embraced who I am, my style, and I’m aware of what works for my body.  With that sense of confidence and knowledge I am able to step outside the box and not fear what awaits. I can confidently welcome something that’s different.

This weeks looks I love was all about trying something different, things I normally wouldn’t like but totally loved!
Ok so for a second lets forget how awesome this outfit it is, because her post about the outfit was even better. Which you can check out here! Love people who have the courage to do something different! As always this damsel looks stunning. Can never go wrong with a good black/white classic.
sincerly I’m terrified of heels. I find them extremely intimidating, and rarely every go over 2 inches. My fear is that my foot is never really secure, the strap is going to come off or the heel will be too thin and snap (I paranoia is a problem). I said all of that to say that I love her shoes. The leather around the ankle looks so secure and the heel is just the right amount of thickness. I think I just might be able to handle these!
OlivaPallermo is a tad tooprepster and fashion forward for my style,(i prefer to stick to the classics) so I normally don’t like what she wears. Not to mention she was a totally B$%!H on the hills. But even though im not her biggest fan, this look is incredibly chic. The combination of chambray with a smaller and modern rendition of plaid is definitely my kind of style.
Which look is your favorite!?

Currently In Need Of

I’m in need of a good maxi dress…actually scratch that, I need a great maxi dress. Currently I have this thing where I find everything to do in my house besides blog, so I go to the local Starbucks so that I’m not distracted. After a long day of work I just want something quick to switch into. Since LA technically doesn’t get a winter, I can wear a dress year round. Sweats are too hot, and denim is just not as comfortable. Below are a few Maxis’ that have been drooling!

img alt=" Maxi Dress, Dresses, Revolve Clothing"

(Left to right)

  1. Young fabulous and Broke: At first I liked this because it was a tie die dress, and then I saw the name of the designer and loved it even more! When I was in college this was my motto( still kinda is). #thestruggleisreal
  2. Splendid: Black maxi dresses are so easy, and I could wear it every day without anyone really noticing!
  3. Soft Joie: Love the print and draped effect. Especially since white is my favorite and the print makes me less cautious to wear it.
  4. RVCA: Much more affordable option and It has stripes! Love!

All of these styles can be found at Revolve

What do you lounge in when your blogging!

Looks I Love: The Details

Sometimes an oufit is simply all about the details

four I love backless dresses, especially ones like these that come in beautiful lavender and are long and flowy. Unfortunately  for me I am well-endowed in the chest area, which is why backless dresses like these don’t quite work because I have to wear a bra. This kind of takes the whole sexy out of backless. Until they invent an invisible bra large enough for large boobs and still keeps the sexy…I’m stuck admiring from afar.

one  Let me start of by saying I do not like skirts. At all. Often times I think they are overly girl, fluffy, too long and all in all just plain old awkward, but this skirt almost made my mouth drop. It’s edgy and the styling is so sophisticated.

three  I’ve been in search of an awesome summer hat. Preferably floppy…ya know the kind that they wear at horse races, or the pretty monogramed ones. Yup..I’m that girl. Well at least i am right now. Come fall I will probably be over it. But anyways I saw this hat and thought it was cool. Even though it isn’t floppy, I still think the color is great and not to mention it looks a lot like the infamous Pharell hat, and since Pharell is always cool, thus…so is the hat.

two As you have probably heard me mention before, Im a fan of the details. This chanel handbag is a show stopper all by itself. I love unique messanger bags like these.

As always which one is your favorite!?



Looks I Love #2

Back at it with another Looks I love post.  These outfits are simply amazing!

sincerely jules I’m the first to say that I hate this Birkenstock/ clog / “the most hideous shoe I’ve ever seen trend”. With all the many photos in magazines and bloggers wearing them I have yet to find an outfit that showcases them in a remotely attractive way, However Julie in this outfit is absolute perfection. The simplicity of the white on white mixed with the scenery is perfect. The shoes make sense! Love this outfit from head to toe. Literally!

brooklyn blonde pic 2  Pretty outfits are a dime a dozen, but it’s rare to find something that makes you take a double look. Wondering what it is, or how to recreate the look. This outfit definitely made me do that. I literally looked at every photo trying to figure out if it was a two piece or a dress. I love dimensionally looks like these!

dash of darling Usually wide stripes can make someone look….well wide. But the positioning of these makes the outfit look slimming. I’m always too scared to wear crop tops and I normally never like matching tops and bottoms but this outfit has me considering a change!

Kayture pic one This is actually a new blog I discovered this week. And you can see now why I fell in love! Sometimes minimalist outfits like these come down to the details, even ones that aren’t particular clothing. This look is clean, not only because its black and white but her sleek ponytail and classic set of pearls make this so chic!

Which one is your favorite!?

If you missed the last post on Looks I Love then click here!



How To Make an OOTD Post Without a Camera

I have this thinggg where I’m weird about asking people to take my photo. I know “selfie” was like the most used word this year but there is something just weird about snapping a whole bunch of photos by myself; or even worse trying to pose and take some awesome blogger photo for my OOTD. When I see other bloggers do it; it looks like perfection but I just can’t seem to get it right. So I’ve managed to conjure up a few tricks to still make selfless photos work.

Kate Spade OOTD

1. Polyvore: Literally the greatest thing since sliced bread. I’m not the best at making sets but I do like playing around with the templates and being creative. I mainly use it for showing the things I like about an outfit or how I would make my own spin on it. This set is my OOTD from my Kate Spade Post!


2. Pinterest: I use a lot of photos from Pinterest to show how I would wear an outfit. The photos form my ” Ways to style a graphic tee” and “How to wear overalls” all came from Pinterest! It’s a great tool for inspiration!

img alt="iphone lenses"  Iphone: Now I know the post is called how to make an OOTD post without a camera but humor me for a second. When I first started blogging I thought that I needed this fancy DSLR; you know the camera that has lots of lenses that are cool to play with but hardly anyone knows how to use them? Well that’s what I wanted and I was highly disappointed when I discovered that my budget could only afford a regular point and shoot. Had I known about these Iphone lenses however, I would never have bought the camera in the first place. It’s like having a mini DSLR in your pocket. Ideally it’s meant to be used in smaller spaces; which works perfect for me in my apartment.

img alt="jessica alba, rag n bone, balmain, kim kardashian"

4. Celebrity Crush: Love those stunning Balmain outfits Kim Kardashian wears, or those $300 Rag n Bone boyfriend jeans worn by Jessica Alba; You find yourself reluctantly double tapping the picture on Instagram wishing you had the money to buy the outfit? Well instead use them as your inspiration. You can use Pinterest (Instagram, Tumblr, whichever you fancy) to find the photo and then use Polvore to help recreate the look. Or better yet style a more affordable option.

This may sound like the least personal approach but it in fact tells your readers a lot about you. Your celebrity crush posts not only say whose style you admire; but that you understand high fashion and also how to make it work for your budget. Celebrity names are also good for SEO. Hence why the Met Gala or the Golden Globes posts are so popular. Everyone is talking about who wore what which means good traffic coming your way if written and promoted properly.

Obviously a photo of yourself is what makes your blog most personal; but having a photographer or even a descent camera is sometimes out of the question for beginning bloggers. At the end of the day you just got to work with what you got!



Looks I Love

Week one of my new Looks I Love series! If you would like your Outfit of the Day to be featured click here!

Enjoy!happily grey

That jacket literally had me say OH MY GOSH! This outfit is amazing!!! I love the structure and volume on top and then the beautifull flow of the lavender skirt. Stunning!! houndstooth

I pretty much love everything she does. And I mean that in the most literal sense. Who wouldn’t love a romper like this,  anddddd its Houndstooth!!! My favorite!Kendi Everyday

Noticed I highlighted the Kate Spade Bag. Not usually a fan of pink but Kate spade has a way of making do things I normally wouldnt.

sincerly julesI find it really refreshing to see some darker and warmer colors in summer. Most people are posting pictures of pastels and colorful prints but I always love deep burgundy! And the handbag in this outfit is beautifull!

Which look is your favorite?