How To Make an OOTD Post Without a Camera

I have this thinggg where I’m weird about asking people to take my photo. I know “selfie” was like the most used word this year but there is something just weird about snapping a whole bunch of photos by myself; or even worse trying to pose and take some awesome blogger photo for my OOTD. When I see other bloggers do it; it looks like perfection but I just can’t seem to get it right. So I’ve managed to conjure up a few tricks to still make selfless photos work.

Kate Spade OOTD

1. Polyvore: Literally the greatest thing since sliced bread. I’m not the best at making sets but I do like playing around with the templates and being creative. I mainly use it for showing the things I like about an outfit or how I would make my own spin on it. This set is my OOTD from my Kate Spade Post!


2. Pinterest: I use a lot of photos from Pinterest to show how I would wear an outfit. The photos form my ” Ways to style a graphic tee” and “How to wear overalls” all came from Pinterest! It’s a great tool for inspiration!

img alt="iphone lenses"  Iphone: Now I know the post is called how to make an OOTD post without a camera but humor me for a second. When I first started blogging I thought that I needed this fancy DSLR; you know the camera that has lots of lenses that are cool to play with but hardly anyone knows how to use them? Well that’s what I wanted and I was highly disappointed when I discovered that my budget could only afford a regular point and shoot. Had I known about these Iphone lenses however, I would never have bought the camera in the first place. It’s like having a mini DSLR in your pocket. Ideally it’s meant to be used in smaller spaces; which works perfect for me in my apartment.

img alt="jessica alba, rag n bone, balmain, kim kardashian"

4. Celebrity Crush: Love those stunning Balmain outfits Kim Kardashian wears, or those $300 Rag n Bone boyfriend jeans worn by Jessica Alba; You find yourself reluctantly double tapping the picture on Instagram wishing you had the money to buy the outfit? Well instead use them as your inspiration. You can use Pinterest (Instagram, Tumblr, whichever you fancy) to find the photo and then use Polvore to help recreate the look. Or better yet style a more affordable option.

This may sound like the least personal approach but it in fact tells your readers a lot about you. Your celebrity crush posts not only say whose style you admire; but that you understand high fashion and also how to make it work for your budget. Celebrity names are also good for SEO. Hence why the Met Gala or the Golden Globes posts are so popular. Everyone is talking about who wore what which means good traffic coming your way if written and promoted properly.

Obviously a photo of yourself is what makes your blog most personal; but having a photographer or even a descent camera is sometimes out of the question for beginning bloggers. At the end of the day you just got to work with what you got!




OOTD: She’s Killen It

Kendall Jenner MMVA Awards
This oufit is killerrrr! I know some people feel as though it’s a little “risqué” but personally with legs like hers this is the perfect way to show them off. Here’s my spin on this amazing look.
Hair: Up in a messy ponytail; the outfit is sexy and revealing but its fun. So I would go for a tussled ponytail as opposed to her sleek look. Plus im thinking I may be a little hot up top since the dress is long sleeved and with all that beading it’s probably heavy.
Nails: Pointed nails with this look for sure! Even maybe some nail rings to keep it interesting!
Shoes: I don’t really like the shoes she is wearing; it looks like a peep toe that is suffocating her foot. I would stick to a plain strappy sandal
Makeup: Eyes would be neutral; very very minimal. I would probably only do some powder foundation and eyelashes with mascara!
Clutch: Gold clutch to keep the look cohesive!
What do you think about Kendall outfit!?

OOTD: The Little White Dress

I know everyone likes to say that black is classic but personally I prefer white. My college graduation dress was white; my prom dress was white; and my favorite bathrobe in the world is also white (so are my bath towels). I seriously have a connection with this color/shade or whatever you shall call it. Its effortless, light and its easy to play up and down. See some of my favorite looks below!

Little White DressSimple messenger bag and a hat to make it a classic black and white combo! One of my favorite styles to wear!

Little White DressShift dresses are flattering for my rectangular figure. Such a mod look and a great way to accentuate the legs!

Little White DressI love a good deep neckline and fullness on the bottom. It adds dimension and curves to my figure as well

Little White DressEmbelleshed white dress; I dont know where I would wear this but its so beautifull I would find somewhere to go!


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OOTD: “Girl you Summertime Fine”

Its summer time which means swimsuit shopping! I’ll be honest; I’m not a swimsuit fan. I actually find paying for an outfit that I can only wear underwater rather obnoxious; but hey it has to be done! Below are a few pieces I have my eye on!

PS: I like to stay modest with my bathing suits-aka I like a one piece!

Bathing SuitYou can never go wrong with a black bathing suit. I love the no strings too-makes it easier to slip on!

Bathing Suit First off who doesn’t love roberto cavalli! He is literally one of my favs and I love giraffes! I usually don’t do graphics for my bathing suits but I would with this.

Bathing Suit Sometimes having strings in the back is obnoxious and you can never tie it tight enough. Straps in the front are easier to adjust

Bathing SuitAll white is perfect for me; and the eyelet is a good design. Also like the thin straps.

Bathing SuitColor Color Color! I like the bra wiring in the straps for added support. This color blocking is also well done! definitely a fun fashion piece


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OOTD: Ways to Style a Graphic Tee

These are just a few ways that I would wear a graphic tee. We all know I love simple and chic and graphic tee’s are a playful touch to any outfit!


Graphic TeeGraphic shirt paired with an embroidered skirt! This outfit looks incredibly edgy

Graphic TeeTotally how I would wear it. I think a white blazer goes with anything

Graphic TeeGraphic tee + Harem pants, such a great combo for summer and add a jacket for cooler days!

Graphic TeePaired with a pair of skorts; also a trendy way to wear maybe an old graphic tee in your closet somewhere

Graphic TeeWe all know how popular boyfriend jeans are right now. Love this casual look plus the pop of color with the red purse


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OOTD: Feeling Fabulous

Woke up feeling a little fabulous today! Not your traditional OOTD but I wanted to share some looks I saw that just made me melt. Hope you Enjoy!

Glamorous PhotosAll black everythanggggg

fab fourDon’t mind me while I sit on my private jet

fab oneLove these cat eye sunglasses

fab sevenMorning prep; with sunglasses of course

fab sixYou can never go wrong with Jessica Alba

fab threeBlowing you a kiss Farewell!

Which is your favorite look?

Ps: Totally just noticed that they are all wearing sunglasses!


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OOTD: Kimono

KimonoI’m not a huge fan of cardigans. In fact I find them rather obnoxious. They never quite fit me right and the constant slumping and falling over my arms drives me crazy. Howeverrrrr this kimono trend has me thinking otherwise. First off we all know my obsession with flowy clothes. The looser the better! I love these kimonos because they all offer something different that would fit for anybody’s wardrobe including mine!

(Left to right)

1. I love how light this is; you can tell by the way the wind is carrying it that it isn’t too heavy of a fabric. The added fringe at the bottom is also very trendy. This is perfect for summer when you want a quick throw over

2. Lets just take a moment to marvel at Rachel Zoe……..ok moving onnnn to why I like her cardigan. First of its long which is totally my style. I find a long kimono/cardigan is just far more comfortable. Plus the chevron print is super cute!

3. One word: BOHO! Love the way this looks and it also looks like it’s a thicker fabric which is great because im the type of girl who either needs a jacket or I doesnt. I rarely wear “quick throws”( as I like to call them), because normally LA weather doesn’t call for it.

4. This floral cardigan paired with white pants is a great light but formal look. I could wear this to just about any event.

5. It’s rare to see a solid colored kimono; let alone in white. This is a must have for my closet!


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OOTD: Wear Yo Height Girl

I’ve been tall my whole life. I awkwardly hovered over all my friends, people were endlessly jealous of my long legs and my super power ability to reach anything and everything. People always say “wear yo height girlllll”, or “omg your legs are too die for”. Since I can remember I haven’t quite embraced my tallness (if that’s even a word); but every now and then a trend comes along that makes me grateful for the 5 foot 8 inches that I was blessed with. I crave a good maxi dress (we’ve been buddies for quite some time now). Maxis are perfect for those days you don’t want to wear jeans/shorts or my all time fav-when you want to wear a dress but realize you forgot to shave (it happens). They are super versatile; coming in all sorts of fabrics, some that are more casual and others that are a little dressy. You can wear them to a wedding or to the grocery store and it also transitions well with the seasons (add a blazer or jean jacket for days that are cooler). Here are a few looks I love!

Embroidered Maxi Dress The touch of boho feel to this dress is what makes this look irresistible. I would also wear this to a wedding (minus the white), or for a day of shopping and hanging with friends. The embroidery makes it both playful and sophisticated. The heavy on top and flow on bottom creates a balanced look.

Black and Nude Maxi Dress

I actually just bought this dress; currently waiting patiently to get it in the mail. My figure is long and slender; I have no curves. So a color blocked dress like this will give me a bit of an hourglass appearance (at least that’s what I’m hoping for). A jersey dress is needed in every closet plus black and nude go with everything so I would wear this anywhere and everywhere.

Lavender Maxi Dress

 This lavender color and the draping of the dress is really nice. The pastel color is perfect for spring/summer and the fabric makes it easy to wear. I like that it’s styled with a belt and a clutch to break up the color a little bit.

Hot Pink Maxi DressNow I’m not a fan of the color but I love the cut of the dress. I have to wear a bra with everything and often times Maxi dresses come backless; so this dress in particular would be perfect for me. Plus the added slit is sexy!


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OOTD: How to wear Overalls

They always say that history repeats itself and this is definitely true in the fashion industry. As a 90’s baby I can honestly say I’m absolutely ecstatic that overalls are back in style!! I grew up with 8 boys( all cousins), and we used to rough house alot. My knees were constantly scraped up and I was forever getting my dresses dirty. Overalls were perfect for me, because they covered the majority of my skin and I could run around in them all day long. I have yet to get my hands on my ole friend the overall; but when I do I already have a few ways I would like to rock it.

Denim OverallsThese overalls are perfect for a day off. The light denim is great for a spring look. The cuff at the bottom spices the outfit up a bit!

Leather Overalls This look is styled to not even look like an overall!. The added belt and the jacket over it makes for a very cool way to dress such a casual look.

Leather OverallsEasy everyday look. Simple way to wear overalls.

Leather Overalls

Throw in some deep colors for fall and the print makes this outfit super fun! I would do without the chunky necklace and add a bangle or a watch instead!


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