Guest Post: Monetizing your Blog!

I’m excited to announce that I have a guest post from one of my favorite bloggers! A glamorous revelation! Munachi and I have been working on this for weeks to try and bring some diversity to both of our blogs. So today she is going to be talking about how to monetize your blog, and my post is about “Finding the perfect pair of jeans“.

Monetizing your Blog

Monetizing is a major part of the blogging world. Deciding if you should monetize, figuring out how to do it, and making the most out of your potential blogging income can become so overwhelming a lot of times you end up making so many mistakes or being discouraged. Yeah we know we could get thousands of dollars of free stuff and advertising every month if we had 20,000 views a month or 1,000 followers on Bloglovin’ or a combined social media following of 13k, but what about those of us who aren’t there yet?? If we could have all of that we obviously would, but we don’t so what do we do? You can monetize many different parts of your blog such as sidebar ads, sponsored series, and hosting custom giveaways, but knowing if you can, which brands to reach out to, and how much to charge can be murky so I’m coming clean about my blog’s money making strategies. From one small blogger to another here are the 3 things you should think about when you’re trying to monetize your blog:

photo1Affiliate link programs can and will kick you out of their program if your blog doesn’t lead to enough clicks, purchases, or sign ups. For the ones that don’t kick you out you might never reach the threshold to cash out and all of the work you put in is wasted. Even if you have native advertisers or sponsors, the probably won’t be to happy about paying for something that doesn’t give them a valuable return. The more page views you have the more potential you have to make money, but waiting until you have at least 1,000+ a month will make monetizing easier for you and your clients.

photo2The more specific your niche is the easier it is to pinpoint what will be successful on your blog. Knowing what you’re readers want, what they like to buy, and where they like to shop will make finding brands that will like to advertise or sponsor you a more enjoyable process. Every time I reach out to a brand I specify my niche so that they know they fit in perfectly with my blog which makes them more likely to work with me. Saying “I love to feature small brands that have a strong online presence, especially on Instagram (who doesn’t love pretty product photos?!) and fun items my readers can buy online, wear everyday, and tell their friends about.” works much better than “I have a passion for fashion and love everything in yous store. I think my readers will love it, too!”

photo3First you need to know what kind of advertising and money making aspects you want on your blog. Affiliate links can be a lot of work but if you primarily do OOTDs and you have the readership for it then you go ahead and try it. Very few of my posts are OOTDs and like I said before I focus on small businesses (which means they’re VERY rarely part of an affiliate program) so I like native advertising and sponsored posts. Having an ad on your side bar takes little to know work to install and by charging $10-$15 a month and having 5-7 ads at a time you can make over $100. Sponsorships take much more work but by working closely with a brand you build a relationship that can lead to further opportunities. I have a base rate of $50 per sponsored post (based on approx 5 hours of work) and $120 for a sponsored series (3 post minimum). Decide how much you’re going to charge based on your readership. Mine are based off of 2,000 pageviews a month and include discounts and deals to make the brand feel like they’re getting the most value for their money. I have specific discounts for advertisers who also want to do sponsored posts, a small extra fee for hosting a customized giveaway, and give a month of free advertising to brands I hope to work with extensively in the future. Content it king… But so is customer satisfaction!


Click here to see what I posted on her page! Enjoy!



Looks I Love

Week one of my new Looks I Love series! If you would like your Outfit of the Day to be featured click here!

Enjoy!happily grey

That jacket literally had me say OH MY GOSH! This outfit is amazing!!! I love the structure and volume on top and then the beautifull flow of the lavender skirt. Stunning!! houndstooth

I pretty much love everything she does. And I mean that in the most literal sense. Who wouldn’t love a romper like this,  anddddd its Houndstooth!!! My favorite!Kendi Everyday

Noticed I highlighted the Kate Spade Bag. Not usually a fan of pink but Kate spade has a way of making do things I normally wouldnt.

sincerly julesI find it really refreshing to see some darker and warmer colors in summer. Most people are posting pictures of pastels and colorful prints but I always love deep burgundy! And the handbag in this outfit is beautifull!

Which look is your favorite?



What She Likes: 7 Things

One of my biggest outlets of inspiration are of course other blogs! This is a new series Im trying out for the month of July where I feature other blogs and things that She A.K.A me like! For more details on the series check it out here!

  1. 13 small space hacks: Anybody that knows me knows that I love all things related to organization! And having once lived in a really small area I think some of these dual room options are great!
  2. Popsugar Must Have Box: When I first started blogging one of the things I wanted to do was review products; But I usually couldn’t afford to get much. That’s when these little must have boxes come in handy, offering some samples of the hottest things for the season! Allure mag also has one and so does this company called Birchbox.
  3. DIY sunglasses: These sunglasses are super cute! I’m never good at DIY so Im always amazed at some of the things people can come up with!
  4. Drink water and less soda: Definitely something I need to do more. These water photos will make you never want to pick up soda again!
  5. Maya Angelou quote: I am one of many who had the honor and privilege to meet such a phenomenal woman like Maya Angelou. She came to my school to speak and the room was packed! Standing room only. I clung on to her every word; completely engrossed in the moment. As a fellow poet her words truly spoke to me.
  6. Love her header and Blog design: One of the first things I look for is creative design. I like a site that is clean and easy to read.
  7. OH Hey Blog: Now there really isn’t a particular post that I like on this blog but I love how much personality there is. I read her about me section and instantly fell in love. Even her little blurp on bloglovin is super cute!

If you have a blog that you would like featured in this series then click here!

Which link is your favorite!?



July Blogging Series!

New month means new ideas which translates to new blogging series!

  1. What She Likes: She being me( yes im taling in 3rd person).  I will be featuring blog posts that I really like. Things that stood out to me that week. This post will be up every Saturday! 
  2. Looks I Love: Solely for outfit posts. OOTD, WIW, Celebrity outfits; whatever I find fascinating that week. This post will be up every Sunday!

I love supporting fellow bloggers; so if you have a post that you think is interesting and would like for me to take a look then here is what you can do:

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  3. The comment section on my blog is used for feedback and for me to engage with you on the links presented that week. If you want something featured then please follow step one and two.

What new and interesting things are you featuring on your blog this month?



My First Feature in IFB!: Links A La Mode

OMG my first feature on Independent Fashion Bloggers. I absolutely love this site and everything it has taught me about blogging so I’m honored that they chose to feature me!


Style Positive

Every day we get bombarded with conflicting messages. “Accept yourself!” then, “Do better!” OK. Do I accept myself, or do I try to be better? Ug. Who knows? Anyway, even if you’re not sure which direction to go, being positive about it will make your journey a lot nicer. This week we get down to the essence of style. No, that’s not your wardrobe… it’s YOU. So take a deep breath, and read these posts, you’ll find yourself feeling a lot better.

Links a la Mode: July 3rd

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Featured Blog of the Week: Studded Hearts


The featured Blog of the week is Studded Hearts. I read her amazing blog post on the new Dion Lee Runway line.

This line is absolutely brilliant. It’s androgynous yet light at the same time. My favorite thing about this line is that it’s mostly all separates and they can all be easily paired with something else.

Click here to see the rest of the line on Studded Hearts!