Blog Update PT 1

So todays post is more of an update on what’s going on with the new blog! (im soooooo excited). Lately I’ve been spending literally all of my free time looking up self-hosted WordPress tips, what plugins to use etc. trying to get prepared for the launch of HerCharisma. I’ve been learning some amazing tips, and I wanted to share some things so you all know what to look forward too!

  1. Design: I’m having my design customized! I’ve never done this before but the designer I’m using has amazing reviews so I can’t wait to see how it turns out.
  2. Photography: I always admire other peoples outfit posts but never actually take the time to do my own. I use to feel like if it didn’t look as good as Jacey from Damsel and Dior that I shouldn’t even bother. First rule of blogging” Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers”, because essentially you talk yourself out of even trying. So this week I started looking into getting new photo equipment including a tripod, and camera remote. I’ve been dreaming of purchasing the Canon Rebel, but I may have to save up a little bit more! (PS: If any of you use this camera let me know how you like it)
  3. Social media: You may have noticed that everything on my Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest have been changed over to HerCharisma!. I wanted to do this now so that you all were familiar with seeing the name, so when the site launched it wouldn’t be a whole bunch of changes at once.
  4. Organization/Consistency: Between managing a full time job, my commute and personal life, my blog often times get stuck on the back burner and It’s been my biggest struggle to try and juggle it all. However I’m proud to announce I have finally downloaded an editorial calendar, got a new journal, and have really taken the time to understand the content and direction that I want this new blog to go in. I’m still deciding on what specific days I will be posting( right now I try to post 5 days a week), so I may have to cut back a little but we shall see!

As always I will keep you guys up to date with any new changes! I’m currently in the process of getting the design customized so as soon as that’s done and taken care of I will be able to announce an official launch date!

Stay tuned!!



her charisma, charm, quotes

Blogging Announcement

I have a special announcement!

The day has finally come where I make my announcement……..I’m rebranding and renaming my blog! I have finally gotten to a point where I understand my content and audience better and am able to take this next step to success! I’m sure you all have a few questions so I will get right down to answering the basics:

Reasons for change

  1. I wanted to switch to ( self hosting) so that I can have more control over my site, and eventually turn it into a profitable business. Self-hosting also gives you more SEO advantages, which will be perfect for building my traffic!
  2. Switch from .org. to .com. I initially wanted to have a .com hosting site but the title was already taken so I thought why not just use .org! Big mistake. So many times I say my blog name and people( including my mother and friends) will type it in with a .com. Its just an automatic assumption in the internet world that everything ends with .com, so I thought it would be smart to finally switch.

Why am I changing the name of the Blog?

I honestly outgrew it. When I initially started blogging I wanted to share my thoughts on how I made myself feel pretty. The subtle things that a women does to make herself feel confident. Now it’s turned into so much more and I see potential in myself and my blog to become bigger than I even thought. I wanted a clean slate for my new clear perspective and direction for this blog.

How does this affect you?

It doesn’t! I will be carrying over all of my followers (well actually WordPress will do it) and you will have plenty of notice to change your bookmarks and subscriptions to the new blog!

What’s the name of the Blog?

I’m sure you’ve all been reading and probably most of you scrolled until you got to this part( its ok..i do it too). The new blog title is called Right now the site is completely empty; Im in the process of setting up a custom design( eeek so excited!) and getting everything transferred so for now let’s just pretend it doesn’t exist.

Why did you choose this name?

One of the most inspiring aspects of blogging is the ability to connect with other people. To read something and literally hear the person talking to you through the computer, as if you are sharing the moment with them. Personality is always the first thing I look for in a blog and it’s the key element to all my posts. I wanted this new blog to be memorable, to be inspiring and to keep people coming back for more.

When I was brainstorming I thought of all the characteristics that make people memorable to me; and the word that popped in my mind was Charm. I toyed around with tons of names and finally landed on Her Charisma. Below are a few quotes that I also used for inspiration. When I read these quotes me and I literally thought” that’s so Kierra”; so I can honestly say this title fits me perfectly!

charm four charm three charm two

Let me know if you have any questions and what you all think of the new name!




The Questions Every Blogger Hates To Answer

Every time I read any tips about becoming a successful blogger it always starts off with a list of questions you need to ask yourself. You need to understand you niche, who your reader is, what you have to offer that makes you different….and the list goes on. It’s really overwhelming. I mean I want the success and all but I didn’t realize it meant I had to so much self-reflecting. I took two weeks off from blogging (to enjoy my vacation in Hawaii)and it gave me some time to think of some answers for these questions. In light of me rebranding my blog I figured I would share it with you and hopefully give you insight on how to answer these questions too.

Why are you starting a blog: Some people start a blog knowing exactly what they want to talk about. As you start to engage with other readers, see what other blogs you love are doing, participate in twitter chats, you will absorb information and the “ why you blog” question will not be so black and white. Through the rush of it all you should give you reader something to hold on to, whether it be a consistent schedule, a good laugh or two on your weekly Friday posts, or the fact that they can always count on you to have the latest beauty tips. If you don’t know what you’re doing right away, or if you’re learning as you go then tell your readers that; after all its yours…you can do what you want with it!

What is your blogging niche: I actually really hate this rule of blogging. As with any business you have to know your audience, but the beauty about blogging is the ability for it to take form that is different from most corporate structures. Some blogs are just ramblings, or an online diary. I believe that you need vision and know how to execute that vision; but it should be a creative experience. Blogging in itself is a niche, I think the only thing that makes you different is how you take it and make it your own.

What are you blogging about: Honestly I have no freaking clue. I start something, people like it so I keep going with it. Too a certain extent my audience dictates what I write about, the rest is usually me sharing things I’ve learned. Blogging tips that I’ve had to learn the hard way, or fashion do’s and don’ts based on my experience in school and working in the industry. It’s a little bit of what I already know and a little bit of what I’m learning.

I love blogging, and it would be amazing to make this my full career one day, but I don’t believe that there is a specific formula to blogging success. Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to have all the answers right away, let your blog evolve and see where it takes you! I’d love to hear some of your answers so feel free to leave them below!


3 Ways to Not Stress About Blogging

Sometimes Blogging makes me have a mini heart attack

I have twitter chats to keep up with, blog posts to schedule, I need to respond to comments, look up other blogs, and this list goes on. Most of which is crammed into a 2 day weekend( along with the rest of my life), and sometimes things slip through the cracks. In a perfect world blogging would be my full time job, or I would be rich and wouldn’t have to work so I could blog as a hobbie. But since neither are my reality I constantly have alot to juggle.
Set Daily Goals
I know most people have an editorial calendar, which i just started using and its awesome, but its important to set daily tasks. For example my goal for Tuesday was to set up my twitter lists, look into a new blog design, and the daily look up other blogs and comment. Of course there are a million  things that go into making your blog successful but when you simplify it into daily steps it makes it easier.
 I don’t know about you but social media is extremely confusing, and the idea of it often exhausts me. I cant keep up with all the new apps and updates being added.  So instead of taking it all on at once I break each app down by month. The last two months were all about twitter; making my twitter lists, updating my info, participating in blog chats etc. Right now that is my primary source of Social media and because I only use one outlet, my traffic is lower than what it could be. Which leads me to the month of September and October which will be all about Instagram. Then the next two months will be about facebook. I know it may be a slow process but its best to learn and master one instead of having 7 that you dont really use.
interact with bloggers
After you have written your own posts and have those set up its time to start reading other blogs. I look through my bloglovin feed everyday, either liking or commenting on posts. One of my segments on my blog ( looks I love) was inspired by all the amazing outfits I would see pop up on my feed. Even if you dont have time to sift through everything, go through it once a day and at least like the posts you do like so that you can go back later and read them. Commenting is one of the easiest and best ways to make friends. I did a guest post with A glamorous revelation, and our friendship grew simply because we would comment on each others blogs!
What little things to you do to help manage it all!?

Why I Blog (TAG)

Thought It would be fun to do a why I blog tag! Feel free to tag yourself if you like!

What are you working on?

Wow where do I even start with answering this question! I’m currently in the process of rebranding my entire blog. New designs, new and more focused content, new marketing strategies. It’s all quite overwhelming! Some of the biggest changes will be in blog design, plus I have a huge surprise coming soon (which will be announced soon!) I’m also thinking about getting a new camera and lighting equipment, I heard the Canon Rebel is a great DSLR for beginners! Also trying to master social media and expand so if you have any tips feel free to comment!

How does your work differ from others in its genre? 

I think my personality is what draws people to my blog, not necessarily the genre it’s in. I talk about lifestyle, beauty, and fashion and I can also offer an inside perspective on things because I work in the fashion industry. My content is relatable and that’s what keeps people coming back for more!

Why do you write what you do?

My blog initially started out as a way to relate to girls who had a hard time finding clothes the way that I did. I wear a size 11 shoe, have extremely long legs that are difficult to dress, I have a large chest, and the list goes on. However as I’ve found my voice and discovered my passion in blogging I now write for totally different reasons. I love logging my life events, with my most clear and raw emotions and what’s even better is when you find others that can relate! The community surrounding fashion is what makes me so eager to write about it. Some of my favorite posts to write are when I’m blogging as though I’m talking! I feel like I’m speaking directly to my readers.

 How does your writing process work?

Mine is complicated-ish. First I read other blogs, that’s usually where I get my inspiration. I keep all of my ideas on Evernote, currently because I haven’t found my perfect journal yet. I have a note that says Blogging Posts and I have each labeled under lifestyle, beauty, fashion and blogging tips. Then I try to write it all out on my editorial calendar. So Monday will be a lifestyle post, Tuesday blogging tips etc. That way I give different things each day! I blog every day after work, which never quite goes as smoothly as I would like. My blog posts never take long to write because I already have a direction that I want them to go. The visual aspects and flow of it all comes quite naturally it’s just hard to find the time to actually do it!

If you like this tag and would like to do the same on your page feel free to do it!



My Experience with Queen Bey

I had a really long and exhausting week. Back to back meetings at work( We just saw the SP15 line…eeeek so exciting!) then I flew out to Vegas for a family reunion and then flew back to LA with just a few hours to spare before I headed to the Beyonce/Jay-Z concert. I got dolled up..well casually dolled up, drank an amp and headed out the door. To my surprise we got there in 30mins flat, found free parking (which is unheard of) and walked down to the Rosebowl, which wasn’t overly crowded. I was actually getting disappointed because I spent an hour on the computer getting those tickets and if they weren’t sold out I was going to be somewhat bummed.  Anywho the show was ahmazzinnggg, indescribable. The energy in that room and the excitement was mind-blowing. I would get hyped when Beyoncé came out, my boyfriend would go crazy when Jay z performed; and the best part was when we both knew the song. That beat dropped and we went insane.  This concert was the most visually creative and inspirational performance I’ve ever seen. I love it when artists of their magnitude choose to use their music as a way to empower people. If you ever have an audience, use it wisely!

photo 2 (4)Me, the BF, my new summer bangs, and Mac Lipstick( Relentesly red)

img alt="Beyonce, On the run tour, rosebowl, Delta Zeta, Throw what you know" My sorority hand sign( or whatever you even call something like this), anytime a sister goes to a new place, or has an interesting experience you take a photo of you throwing up the sign( Delta Zeta). The delta(trianlge) is on top and the bottom is the Z for Zeta. Its really cool because at the end of the year a collage gets sent out of all the photos from different sisters doing this same sign across the world! Oh and BTW I had floor seats!

img alt=" Beyonce, Jay-z, On the run tour, Rosebowl" It rained, and normally me and my hair dont do the rain. But I was so excited from all the energy and her passion, she was just stunning on stage that I didnt even care that It was kinda pouring. She came out to a stage placed in the middle of the audience and sang her infamous song Resentment in an all white wedding suit.

My voice is so hoarse I sound like a man, every bone in my body aches, and mentally I’m exhausted but that show was well worth it all.




July Favorites


1. Apple iphone extension: I upgraded to the Iphone 5s at the beginning of the year, and it was great except they require totally different charging plugs than all the other apple products. ( which is beyond frustrating). As any apple user many of you have probably already figured the chords split really easily, especially when you only have one and transport it with you everywhere. Instead of buying another chord that could potentially split again I bought an adapter that you can add onto your previous apple product chargers. Which is great because I have about 6-8 other chargers and now whenever a chord splits I can swap it out for another one. Works like a charm! Also use it for my Ihome system!

2. Amazon look inside feature: This may be a random thing to like but lately I have been searching for some good blogging books, particularly on monetizing my blog and this look inside feature is perfect before I decide to purchase. For those of you who own a Kindle you can do a one click purchase but personally I use the look inside feature to see if the book is worth buying and then I either order it on Amazon or go to my local bookstore. Currently thinking about getting #Girboss!


3. June bangs/hairstyle: Los angeles is hot! Very Hot! The weather here is too much for me to wear my hair down. So I decided now would be a good time to try something different! I normally don’t like my hair up but I do like these bangs matched with a bun. Im obssesed! This will defiently be my summer look. Im thinking of adding a ponytail once it gets cooler.

4. Finders Keepers: Thier rompers are to die for. I’ve been seeing there clothes everywhere all over the blogsphere! Damsel in Dior; (one of my favs), had a houndstooth romper and I actually thought that when she said ” Finders keepers” she was saying she wasnt going to tell us where she got it. Like it was her hidden gem. Then I saw another cute romper on a different blog and she named “Finders keepers”. It dawned on me that this was an actual line of clothing! Duh Kierra!

5. Tiffany Charm bracelets: I love to wear little things that tell a story, particularly jewerly because it can often be both sublte and classic, unlike costume jewerly that can often get played out. My boyfriend gave me a tiffanys charm bracelet, with no charm( which i actually didnt even notice until now, because I was so gosh darn excited just to have it!) Anywho, I like charms because they usually have some sweet or fun meaning behind them. In particular im loving the handbag charm because I work in fashion and handbags are my favorite, and the cupcake charm because Im obssesed with cupcakes!

6. Spirit Jersey/sweats: Probably the most comfortable combination ever. Spirit jerseys are expensive roughly $50-$55, but they are really thick and I love the baggy feel, not to mention the writing on the back. I have two, one that says San Francisco and the other that says my sorority name on it. Pair this with yoga pants and you are set to go!

What were some of your July Favorites?



Naming my Puppy!

It’s currently Sunday at 10:30pm, I have managed to recover from all the piled emails, unread blogs, comments and other personal things in my life that I took a break from while on my 2 week vacation in Hawaii. (which was heavenly..posts on that later). I logged several hours at Starbucks this week, blogged on my lunch break, checked twitter while brushing my teeth and am finally done with everything I needed to catch up on. Minus the posts for this week, however I will be trying my hardest to pump out content and get my ish together (sometime very soon…hopefully Wednesday soon). On a much brighter note I have a HUGE SURPRISE to announce, but I want to address it the right way; not in my current state of delirium where my hands are getting ready to fall off. I’m thinking of announcing it on Saturday…Surprise Saturday (catchy right), but we will see if I can actually hold it in for that long.

Since I don’t have my usual posts up I figured I would let you in on some other exciting news….im getting another puppy! Yay! I currently have a little 5lb Maltese/Yorkie named Kennedy and she will be getting a brother named ……I don’t know yet. Which is why I need your help! My BF and I have narrowed down the list to 4 names. Please bear in mind that these are actual boy names. I consider my dogs my children so I don’t like your average every day of the mill dog names. I want something unique! Leave a comment below on which name you like best!

Please excuse the photo quality. These are only pictures that were sent!

  1. Maddox
  2. Finn
  3.  Parker
  4. Finn

Please excuse the photo quality. It’s the only pictures I was sent!



Its Not Your Content; Its Your Title

Ever read those posts that say “What to wear when its way to hot out”, and as your reading its 90 degrees outside, your hair is a mess, and you want to keel over from heat exhaustion? Suddenly that post looks pretty gosh darn appealing, doesn’t it? As a new blogger it took me a long time to figure out what made blog posts so interesting. Why does someone want to click on my page? When they are on my page how do I lure them in so that they actually want to read past the first line? I’m still figuring some of that out but here is what I’ve learned thus far

click me

Mastering the clickability: First off is clickability even a word? Anywho…your title has to be a tease. It should be relatable, easy to understand, and intriguing all at the same time( a lot I know).  The best way to explain it is to get you reader to say” Oooooh I want to know”,  or “OMG I say that too!”Some examples of this are

  1. You wont believe who I saw
  2. I’ll Have what she’s having.

tell meInformation: People like to be in the KNOW. Tell them something interesting and they will keep coming back for more. This is the reason why “How to’s”, “Ways to do” etc are so popular. Some of my most popular posts are “ Ways to style a graphic tee” and “How to make your blog more personal”.

ballin-on-a-budget_dormtainmentBudget friendly: There is not a single person out there that does not like saving money. Even the most high maintenance and vain person would still buy a pair of louboutin’s on clearance. Blog posts that explain ways to save, penny pinching fashion, ballin on a budget, or anything money based are extremely popular. For that college student broke freelancer, or just the girl looking for a good bargain, you’ve completely won their heart. Another good way to dress up “Budget” is DIY posts. Don’t want to buy it? Here is how to do it yourself!? With the world revolving around Pinterest and Etsy, posts like these can greatly increase your traffic!

I’m starting a segment on my blog called “Pretty Thrifty: Where I do a roundup of all the beauty supplies I bought and a dupe list of where to get the same thing but more affordable!

fact-or-fiction-1lwfz07Facts: This is what I like to call guides to life. Things that aren’t based on your opinion, or what fashion is currently trending. It is simply the truth. For example my “Ultimate shopping guide for tall women-Jeans”. In this post I mention several different denim brands that have jeans with longer inseams built for women with long legs. I also mention Gap Inc. which has a line called “Tall”. These posts come in handy because they relate to every tall woman. This audience may not be into your beauty posts, or you’re outfit of the day, but they will come back for informational posts like these.

As you can see naming the blog post is just part of the battle. You have to have the content to back it up. But no one will ever see it if your title isnt interesting enough. Give your reader something they just cant resist!



Blogging Tips for the Working Girl

 Between blogging, my actual 9-5, my 2 hour commute and my boyfriend, the days always seem endless. Come Friday I’m ready to just keel over and fall asleep. No phone, no TV, just me and my bed. But we all know the key to being a successful blogger is consistency, so as much as my bed calls my name…I must resist.

In a perfect world I would totally practice the 80/20 rule, be the master of social media, and blogging would be my full time job, but since that isn’t quiteee the case, I’ve had to learn how to balance my actual money maker and my site.


Scheduling: The scheduler is literally a life saver for me. I flat out don’t have time during the week to write content let alone promote it. It’s too strenuous so instead I blog every Sunday. You’ve probably noticed I don’t post on Sundays (I call it Silent Sunday); because I’m busy blogging for the coming week. As far as social media I use Hootsuite to schedule my tweets, and Latergramme to schedule Instagram posts. At the end of each day I reply to my commenters etc. I chose two primary forms of social media so that it wasnt overwhelming to me. If you can manage several sites like it aint no thanggg, then go for it!

vogue-collage Magazine subscriptions: Many of us get inspiration from social media online; But what about a good ole magazine. They are great because they are easy enough for you to pop in your purse, read on a lunch break or when work is slow. Staying inspired is key to creating great blog posts and often times my best ideas come from magazines.


Interaction: Often time’s people think blogging everyday literally means writing posts every day. But as well all know there are a lot of things that go into blogging besides content. Maybe your brain is exhausted from a long day and you can’t seem to write a full post. Take that time to engage with other blogs or interact with your current followers. Try to make sure you’re still getting a daily dose of something blogging related.

photo-43Journal: Nowadays everyone uses their phone/computers etc. to take notes but I like the old fashion way of writing everything down. It’s also more appropriate for work. If you’re on your phone it looks unprofessional, but if you’re writing something in an agenda or a notebook then no big deal. I take my blogging journal with me everywhere and when I come up with an idea I write it down. All my posts and raw thoughts are in my journal and it’s easier for me to edit them that way!

The overall key is finding ways to incorporate your blog into your hectic schedule. instead of waiting until you get home to do things, find work appropriate ways to stay active.  A lot can get done in a work day if you use your time effectively!