Looks I Love: Transitioning into Fall

Yay its August! I love deep colors, layering my clothes and just the feel of being warm and cozy. This week is all about transitioning from summer to fall!

looks i love, style, transitioning into fall

1. Green is a the perfect fall color, and the combination with yellow is just the hint of summer that it needs

looks i love, style, transitioning into fall

2. There is that green again! I love this black blazer; its heavy and textured. Very Fall!

looks i love, style, transitioning into fall

3. Nothing says comfy like a good pair of sweat pants. they are definitely trending for fall so be sure to snag you a pair!

What goodies do you have in your closet that you plan to bring into Fall?




Looks I Love: Confidently Wearing

I went through this phase where I thought I had to fill my closet with outfits of all different colors, colors I knew I wasn’t going to wear. I told myself “I’m a fashion major, I need to be up on all the trends and be able to pull off anything”. Years later I’m stuck with a stack of unworn shirts, shorts that don’t fit, and prints that I would never wear. I wasted my time and money trying to be something that I wasn’t. Now ive embraced who I am, my style, and I’m aware of what works for my body.  With that sense of confidence and knowledge I am able to step outside the box and not fear what awaits. I can confidently welcome something that’s different.

This weeks looks I love was all about trying something different, things I normally wouldn’t like but totally loved!
Ok so for a second lets forget how awesome this outfit it is, because her post about the outfit was even better. Which you can check out here! Love people who have the courage to do something different! As always this damsel looks stunning. Can never go wrong with a good black/white classic.
sincerly I’m terrified of heels. I find them extremely intimidating, and rarely every go over 2 inches. My fear is that my foot is never really secure, the strap is going to come off or the heel will be too thin and snap (I know..my paranoia is a problem). I said all of that to say that I love her shoes. The leather around the ankle looks so secure and the heel is just the right amount of thickness. I think I just might be able to handle these!
OlivaPallermo is a tad tooprepster and fashion forward for my style,(i prefer to stick to the classics) so I normally don’t like what she wears. Not to mention she was a totally B$%!H on the hills. But even though im not her biggest fan, this look is incredibly chic. The combination of chambray with a smaller and modern rendition of plaid is definitely my kind of style.
Which look is your favorite!?

Looks I Love: The Details

Sometimes an oufit is simply all about the details

four I love backless dresses, especially ones like these that come in beautiful lavender and are long and flowy. Unfortunately  for me I am well-endowed in the chest area, which is why backless dresses like these don’t quite work because I have to wear a bra. This kind of takes the whole sexy out of backless. Until they invent an invisible bra large enough for large boobs and still keeps the sexy…I’m stuck admiring from afar.

one  Let me start of by saying I do not like skirts. At all. Often times I think they are overly girl, fluffy, too long and all in all just plain old awkward, but this skirt almost made my mouth drop. It’s edgy and the styling is so sophisticated.

three  I’ve been in search of an awesome summer hat. Preferably floppy…ya know the kind that they wear at horse races, or the pretty monogramed ones. Yup..I’m that girl. Well at least i am right now. Come fall I will probably be over it. But anyways I saw this hat and thought it was cool. Even though it isn’t floppy, I still think the color is great and not to mention it looks a lot like the infamous Pharell hat, and since Pharell is always cool, thus…so is the hat.

two As you have probably heard me mention before, Im a fan of the details. This chanel handbag is a show stopper all by itself. I love unique messanger bags like these.

As always which one is your favorite!?



Looks I Love #2

Back at it with another Looks I love post.  These outfits are simply amazing!

sincerely jules I’m the first to say that I hate this Birkenstock/ clog / “the most hideous shoe I’ve ever seen trend”. With all the many photos in magazines and bloggers wearing them I have yet to find an outfit that showcases them in a remotely attractive way, However Julie in this outfit is absolute perfection. The simplicity of the white on white mixed with the scenery is perfect. The shoes make sense! Love this outfit from head to toe. Literally!

brooklyn blonde pic 2  Pretty outfits are a dime a dozen, but it’s rare to find something that makes you take a double look. Wondering what it is, or how to recreate the look. This outfit definitely made me do that. I literally looked at every photo trying to figure out if it was a two piece or a dress. I love dimensionally looks like these!

dash of darling Usually wide stripes can make someone look….well wide. But the positioning of these makes the outfit look slimming. I’m always too scared to wear crop tops and I normally never like matching tops and bottoms but this outfit has me considering a change!

Kayture pic one This is actually a new blog I discovered this week. And you can see now why I fell in love! Sometimes minimalist outfits like these come down to the details, even ones that aren’t particular clothing. This look is clean, not only because its black and white but her sleek ponytail and classic set of pearls make this so chic!

Which one is your favorite!?

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Pretty Thrifty: Lip Scrub

This Pretty Thrifty segment is all about lip scrub! For those of you just tuning in this segment is all about experimenting with certain beauty products, comparing one high end item vs the drugstore version of the same item. See my previous Pretty Thrifty segment here!

My favorite kind of lipstick is matte; which as we all know is really drying on the lips. So I’ve been using lip scrub/exfoliate to help get rid of all the dead skin so that my lipstick applies nice and smooth with minimal pilling.

fresh sugar lip

Fresh Lip Scrub: ( $22 )I actually tried a sample from Sephora. Which I used for a week. Really loved it and a little goes a long way. I recommend using a toothbrush or an exfoliating brush (they sell them at Sephora) because it doesn’t really work when trying to apply it with just your fingers or rubbing your lips together. After I applied the scrub I took a warm towel and wiped off the dead skin. Now if you are using a toothbrush, it will probably remove most of it for you. It is brown sugar so its eatable- don’t freak out if you get some in your mouth! I then used my Eos lip balm to moisturize before applying my lipstick.

Note: If you want a smooth application of your matte lipstick apply a thick layer of lip balm so that the lipstick just glides on. However I noticed that this makes your lips more prone to pilling. What I do is apply a thin layer-one swipe of lip balm- and then apply the matte lipstick. It’s going to feel drier and may not be as smooth when applying but it will give your lipstick more lasting power.


Elf Lip exfoliate: ( $5 ) This actually is to be applied like a lipstick. I like this one because it’s both moisturizing and exfoliating at the same time. The beads are mixed in with the moisturizer so it starts off applying as rough and then as you keep wiping it turns into a lip balm. I wouldn’t recommend this for people who are advent lipstick wearers, especially those who love matte lipsticks. It is less of a scrub and more of dual purpose exfoliate so you get less rub but you do get the added moisture.

My preference: Fresh Lip Scrub was my favorite because it removed more dry skin. It was better for actually exfoliating which is what I needed it for. It is messier but a lot goes a long way so I think the price is worth it. If you don’t wear lipstick often, or don’t want to exfoliate often then I would suggest the Elf brand. It’s more convenient for the occasional lipstick wearer.

Looks I Love

Week one of my new Looks I Love series! If you would like your Outfit of the Day to be featured click here!

Enjoy!happily grey

That jacket literally had me say OH MY GOSH! This outfit is amazing!!! I love the structure and volume on top and then the beautifull flow of the lavender skirt. Stunning!! houndstooth

I pretty much love everything she does. And I mean that in the most literal sense. Who wouldn’t love a romper like this,  anddddd its Houndstooth!!! My favorite!Kendi Everyday

Noticed I highlighted the Kate Spade Bag. Not usually a fan of pink but Kate spade has a way of making do things I normally wouldnt.

sincerly julesI find it really refreshing to see some darker and warmer colors in summer. Most people are posting pictures of pastels and colorful prints but I always love deep burgundy! And the handbag in this outfit is beautifull!

Which look is your favorite?



What She Likes: 7 Things

One of my biggest outlets of inspiration are of course other blogs! This is a new series Im trying out for the month of July where I feature other blogs and things that She A.K.A me like! For more details on the series check it out here!

  1. 13 small space hacks: Anybody that knows me knows that I love all things related to organization! And having once lived in a really small area I think some of these dual room options are great!
  2. Popsugar Must Have Box: When I first started blogging one of the things I wanted to do was review products; But I usually couldn’t afford to get much. That’s when these little must have boxes come in handy, offering some samples of the hottest things for the season! Allure mag also has one and so does this company called Birchbox.
  3. DIY sunglasses: These sunglasses are super cute! I’m never good at DIY so Im always amazed at some of the things people can come up with!
  4. Drink water and less soda: Definitely something I need to do more. These water photos will make you never want to pick up soda again!
  5. Maya Angelou quote: I am one of many who had the honor and privilege to meet such a phenomenal woman like Maya Angelou. She came to my school to speak and the room was packed! Standing room only. I clung on to her every word; completely engrossed in the moment. As a fellow poet her words truly spoke to me.
  6. Love her header and Blog design: One of the first things I look for is creative design. I like a site that is clean and easy to read.
  7. OH Hey Blog: Now there really isn’t a particular post that I like on this blog but I love how much personality there is. I read her about me section and instantly fell in love. Even her little blurp on bloglovin is super cute!

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Which link is your favorite!?