To Buy and Try: Lip Exfoliator

I have this obssesion with lipstick, preferably matte; which can often be a little tricky. Even if you have the perfect moisturizer, matte lipsticks can still look runny and make your lips peel if you dont exfoliate properly. I have tried a lip scrub(fresh sugar scrub from sephora), but something still felt off with it. I would rub my lips together but it just didnt seem like they were being exfoliated the way they should be. So when I saw this lip exfoliator brush I was thrilled! Im a little bummed its $50; that seems a little expensive for a lip brush; but none the less this is still what I was looking for.


It actually looks like a tooth brush but for your lips. It may be more affordable for me to buy the lip scrub and then buy a mechanical toothbrush to exfoliate it properly. Spending $50 on a lip brush seems a little irresponsible to me.

What do you use to exfoliate your lips?


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To Buy and Try: Parfume & Liner


Im currently subscribed to allure magazines and I have been saving all the paper perfume samples. Ive been in search for a good daily scent. So far my favorite that Ive tried has been the juicy couture roller pen set. It came with 4 different scents and it was just perfect because I could try different ones each day. This week in my magazine their were 3 samples( Jimmy Choo, Armani, and Ralph Lauren). My favorite is the Jimmy Choo. Its subtle and light and also fresh. When choosing a perfume I want something that is light enough for me to wear everyday.

PS: I keep my scented papers in my dresser drawers to make my clothes smell good! My mom taught me this trick when I was a kid. =)

nyx gell

Gel liner is a popular trend that for some reason im just now catching on too but it sounds like a new fun buy! Ive also seen a ton of reviews for the Sonia Kashuk eyeliner brush; and although I probably wont be using it for a cat eye its still a great applicator.

Have any of you tried gel eyeliner? If so which kind!?


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To Buy and Try: Makeup Brushes

I’ve been searching for some good makeup brushes. Here is what I want to Buy and Try!

Makeup Brushes

1. Kirkland Brand: Buy as a set, Price Range from $14-$30
2. Sedona Lace:Buy as a set. Price Range$50-$100
3. Elf Studio Brushes:  Buy as set Price Range $5-$25
4. MAC Brushes: Buy Individual Price Range $14-30
5. Makeup Geek:  Buy as set Price Range $50-$100
Last week on To Buy and Try: Makeup Primer
Would love to hear your suggestions!? So far I’ve only tried Elf brand!


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To Buy and Try: Makeup Primer

The top Makeup Primers

Makeup Primers

I used to think primer was a waste of money. As long as I moisutrized my face properly then I wouldnt need primer…right? Well I was completely wrong! This weekend I had an event and I borrowed my friends Bare Escentuals makeup primer; my face was radiant!! I later tried applying my makeup without the primer and literally my foundation looked like it was going to peel because my face was so dry and also flat!.

Ive tried the Bare escentuals one and loved it; and Ive also tried Mac before and my face felt too wet. So I wanted to ask you all what do you think about primers and which one do you use!?

Here is the list of makeup primers listed in the photo. Let me know what you think!?

1. Giorgio Armani Fluid Master Primer ($56)

2. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer ($36)

3. Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer ($30)

4. Bare Escentuals BareVitamins Prime Time Foundation Primer($21)

5. Cover Girl Simply Ageless Serum Primer ($13.99)

6. L’Oreal Studio Secrets Face Primer ($10.99)

7. Mark Primed for Perfection Face Primer ($10)

8. E.L.F. Studio Mineral Face Primer ($6)


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